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TD 1601 Turntable By Thorens
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Thorens TD 1601 combines everything of the TD 1600 with some additional features regarding comfort and balanced outputs. Classical wooden plinth and two-part platter with an inner belt.... Click To Read More
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TD 1601 Turntable By Thorens


Thorens TD 1601 combines everything of the TD 1600 with some additional features regarding comfort and balanced outputs. Classical wooden plinth and two-part platter with an inner belt.

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Product Description

Thorens TD 1601 is a deluxe version of the TD 1600. A classical wooden plinth, a two-part platter with an inner belt and thick rubber mat, a powerful motor control unit, arm board, and acrylic dust cover, plus balanced outputs and functions.

The conical springs for the sub-chassis are no longer mounted on the top board but standing on the bottom. Additionally, a small but strong tightened thread made of steel connects the sub-chassis with a steel pin on the bottom, preventing the sub-chassis from staggering and allowing only vertical movement. An electrical lift is also included, with a contactless auto shut-off. XLR jacks provide a true balanced phono preamplifier connection.


Stereo Magazine
“The first “real” Thorens of the new era is a hit. It succeeded in preserving the typical characteristics of the legendary models in a more modern form allowing them to blossom once again. All that with immaculate workmanship and at an astonishingly low price, which, in combination with the perfectly matching pickup, makes the TD1600/1601 one of the strongest contenders in its class. The sound rating is based on the combination with Audio-Technica’s most suitable AT-ART9.”

“if you’re looking for a modern, stable and amazing sounding turntable the TD 1600 range is for you, the 1600 will suffice most people, however, if you’re looking for that little something extra the 1601 has all the luxury and comfort features you will ever want in a turntable!”

HiFi News
“Thorens has brought a classic turntable design expertly up to date by adding an ingenious modern twist to a tried-and-tested recipe. The result is a turntable with a highly impressive sound at the price, with none of the softness of the original. Only you can decide if the automation of the TD 1601 is worth £500 extra over the TD 1600, but I found the system to work very well, and wouldn’t hesitate. “

HiFi Advice
“Having changed ownership has clearly worked out well for the Thorens brand. The TD1601 strikes precisely the right balance between classic values and modern engineering. It offers all the benefits of the best classic Thorens turntables along with very high build quality and significantly improved sound at a very sensible price. Visually, it may be based on the TD160 but the TD1601 actually comfortably surpasses even the TD125 MkII. For those who may have had doubts, I say doubt no more! The TD1601 is a true Thorens and I could not be more thrilled that the brand is back. At 3000 euro the TD1601 is already a bargain but a further 500 euro could be saved if one opts for the TD1600 without its motorized lift and auto-shutoff. In either version: highly recommended!”



  • Stabilized sub chassis on three conical springs
  • Polished precision belt
  • Two part platter
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • Electronical controlled motor
  • Electrical lift
  • Contactless auto shut off
  • Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) output
  • Thorens precision tonearm TP 92 9“

User manual TD 1601

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