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Clear Mg Professional Headphones by Focal
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Focal Clear Mg Professional is the essential headphone for the most discerning music creators. These headphones offer the ultimate accuracy for professional-level studio recording, production, and mastering.... Click To Read More
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Countries Shipped USA
Burn-In Time 100 Hours
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Clear Mg Professional Headphones by Focal


Focal Clear Mg Professional is the essential headphone for the most discerning music creators. These headphones offer the ultimate accuracy for professional-level studio recording, production, and mastering.

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Product Description

The Focal Clear Mg Pro are open-back circum-aural professional headphones that employ full-range speaker drivers with magnesium ‘M’-shaped inverted domes and offer the ultimate accurate sonic experience. Clear Mg Professional headphones are characterized by precision, dynamics, and remarkable tonal balance.

Note: The Clear Mg Pro are meant for use in music production studios. Audiophiles listening for enjoyment are likely to find the sound unengaging and will be much better served by the regular Clear Mg model.

Designed for total comfort, you’ll forget you’re wearing Clear Mg Professional whilst enjoying the listening sensation that you only get with the best-quality monitors. The Focal full-range speaker drivers are open at the back and feature magnesium ‘M’-shaped domes. This new material, introduced to Focal headphones for the first time by the brand’s engineers, allows even better dynamics and precision. Combined with the absence of a port, the speaker drivers deliver an extremely articulated and controlled bass. Meanwhile, the ultra-low mass of moving parts enables fine and detailed high frequencies. In addition to comfort, Clear Mg Professional also has a unique aesthetic signature, is supplied with cables and a beautifully designed carrying case.


Precision work

Clear Mg Professional incorporates 1 5/8” (40mm) Focal full-range speaker drivers. Combined with the frameless 1″ (25mm)-diameter and 1/4″ (5.5mm)-high copper voice coil, they provide bass articulation worthy of the best studio monitors. With a 24kHz breakup, the high frequencies are extremely linear and the transient signals are respected. The tiniest details of the recording are revealed.

The disappearing headphones

The design would have you forget the sensation of reduced space thanks to the memory foam earpads. The micro-perforations offer a degree of openness unrivaled in this price category. The listening sensation in the room, and not through headphones, is magnified. The openness offered by the internal and external grilles also promotes the sensation of spatialization and improves the image of the soundstage. The second benefit lies in the extreme tolerance for earcup positioning, regardless of head size.

Focal expertise

One of the reasons that generally make working with headphones significantly different from using a pair of monitors lies in the shape of the wave generated by the speaker driver and the listening distance. The few centimeters of space inside a dome requires the dome shape to be redesigned to achieve a flat wave in the extreme near field. Focal expertise has resulted in the selection of a magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome, offering an ever more optimized combination of the key speaker driver criteria of lightness, rigidity, and damping.

Key points

  • Open-back headphones for professional use
  • Remarkable tonal balance across the full spectrum
  • Bass articulation down to the lowest frequencies
  • Exceptional dynamics and impact
  • Wide spatialization and highly precise soundstage
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • 2 cables supplied to suit all uses (mixing console, audio interface, laptop)
  • Rigid carrying case supplied, including a space for storing an Ilock® key (not supplied)


Major HiFi – Clear MG vs. Clear MG Pro
The Clear MG and Clear MG Pro definitely feel like cousins. They’re not fundamentally different and I think a lot of listeners might love them equally for various reasons. Still, if you’re trying to choose, there are definitely some key differences. In many ways, these live up to their name. The Clear MG Pro is clearly more the producer’s headphone while the Clear MG is more the listener’s headphone. The Clear MG feels like it holds the sound’s hand a bit more, giving it a bit of an upgrade, while the Pro more so leaves the sound to swim on its own. As a producer and engineer, I would want to listen to my mix with the Clear MG because I know it might cover up some imperfections, but I would need to listen to it on the Clear MG Pro first in order to fine-tune it. I really appreciate that they both run for the same price, because at the end of the day what “pros” need doesn’t necessarily need to be of a higher quality as much as it just needs to have a more applicable sound signature…


Type : Circum-aural open-back headphones
Impedance : 55 Ohms
Sensitivity : 104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz
THD : 0.25% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Frequency response: 5Hz – 28kHz
Speaker driver : 15/8″ (40mm) ‘M’-shaped magnesium dome
Weight : 0.99lbs (450g)
Spare earpads : 2 x spare earpads supplied
Carrying case provided : 97/8 x91/2×43/4 ” (250x240x120mm)
Cables supplied:

  • 16.5 feet (5m) asymmetric cable (1/4″ – 6.35mm TRS jack)
  • 3.94 feet (1.2m) asymmetric cable (1/8″ – 3.5mm TRS jack)
  • 1/8″ (3.5mm) to 1/4″ (6.35mm) stereo jack adapte

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