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PC-2 EVO+ Power Conditioner By GigaWatt
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The GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+ is a technologically advanced, new generation power conditioner, designed to power and protect audio and video systems in the Hi-Fi and Hi-End class.... Click To Read More
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PC-2 EVO+ Power Conditioner By GigaWatt


The GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+ is a technologically advanced, new generation power conditioner, designed to power and protect audio and video systems in the Hi-Fi and Hi-End class.


Product Description

The GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+ not only effectively protects against interference and overvoltage existing in the home power grid, but also guarantees a significant improvement of the quality of sound of the devices connected to it.


  • Six output sockets
  • Three filter branches
  • A buffer circuit
  • DC Offset Blocker
  • Anti-vibration aluminum feet
  • More rigid chassis


All internal elements of the conditioner are enclosed in a rigid, steel-aluminum chassis, supported on anti-vibration feet made from solid, anodized aluminum, with a layer of proprietary elastomer 3.5mm thick. The front panel of the conditioner is made from a thick slab of aviation-grade aluminum. Its surface is brushed, after precision milling, and then anodized black or silver.

The PC-2 EVO+ has six, high-quality proprietary GigaWatt power sockets, with large surface contacts. The brass contacts of the sockets were subdued to the process of technical silver plating without the usage of intermediate metals, like copper or nickel, which could introduce an unfavorable serial resistance and a voltage loss. The increased surface of the contacts and the thick layer of silver guarantee good contact with the plug pins. The sockets were additionally cryogenically modified and de-magnetized.

Proper operation of the unit is indicated with a blue LED mounted in a display in the middle of the fascia. The conditioner is also equipped with an additional circuit signaling the wrong connection to the power grid. Its action is indicated by a red LED on the back of the unit, which signals the wrong polarity of the device or faulty grounding.



The conditioner PC-2 EVO+ is equipped with multistage parallel filters. Three, independent filtering branches, which supply three sections, composed of two output sockets each. Due to this solution, the kind of filtering was adjusted for the load it has, different for each type of device – digital, analog, or high current devices. Autonomous passive filters allow for isolation from interference produced by the devices connected together via a shared power line.

The PC-2 EVO+ is based on a novel filtering architecture and uses new components. The main novelties are the anti-interference capacitors and the compensation batteries for the buffering circuits, which are manufactured by the company Miflex, according to GigaWatt specification.

In the PC-2 EVO+ an innovative, two-stage current distribution system is used, a proprietary design of our company. It is based on massive third-generation distribution rails, made from polished slabs of oxygen-free copper OFHCC 10100 with 99.995% purity. The first stage allows for lossless and even distribution of voltage to each of the filtering branches. The second stage provides current directly to each pair of output sockets via bolted and clamped connections as well as cabling with GigaWatt Powerlink conductors with 4.0 QMM cross-section made from oxygen-free copper. The star connection topology and high conductance combined with the 30.0 QMM cross-section of each of the rails allow for a uniform and stable power distribution regardless of the load on the individual outputs of the conditioner.

Due to the improved efficiency of the filtering circuits, they were mounted using silver solder on massive PCBs having twice the amount of copper compared to standard PCBs. The single-layer PCBs have very wide traces made from silver-plated copper, with a thickness of 70 micrometers. The interference is damped by filtering blocs of RLC type, built around proprietary Audio Grade capacitors and IP (Iron Powder) core filters.

In the conditioner, there are no traditional protective elements, like thermal or blow fuses, which throttled the free flow of the current have a negative influence on the sound. The surge protection of the conditioner is provided by the starting block, which utilizes plasma spark-gaps, UltraMOV new generation varistors, and an initial filter. All those elements working together with a well-made, contemporary power grid, guarantee a complex protection against surges and overcurrent.

To allow for the maximum impulse response, the PC-2 EVO+ is equipped with a double buffer circuit with Audio Grade compensation batteries, a proprietary design. The circuit increases the current output with non-linear loads, like power amplifiers, as well as eliminates the difference of power between the input and output of the conditioner. This allows for almost unlimited impulse capabilities, unheard of in other passive conditioners and not reachable for active conditioners. The impulse capabilities of the PC-2 EVO+ surpass even the values of a clean power line without any devices connected to it.

The standard equipment of PC-2EVO+ is also DC Offset Blocker – a circuit eliminating unwanted DC components of the power grid. This DC component is a very deteriorating phenomenon, which exists in almost all power grids. It results in the sinus wave of the alternating current become non-symmetrical (non-sinusoidal) and has a negative impact on all devices using transformers. It causes their cores to become magnetized, which increases their noise, diminishes the efficiency of power supplies, and lowers sound quality as a result of those. The DC blocker allows eliminating this phenomenon effectively, without causing any compression or any other negative influence on the sound.


  • Rolling-Ball Isolation System feet – The PC-2 EVO+ can be equipped with a new kind of feet with a mechanism called Rolling-Ball Isolation System. This is an anti-vibration system comprised of two parts (external and internal) made from solid aluminum, with two runs with balls between them. The setup is to minimize the points of contact between the feet, and then the chassis of the conditioner and the rack, which in consequence translates into a significant reduction of mechanical vibration, which negatively impacts the internal elements of the conditioner, which in turn degrades its sound. Another isolation element, on which the whole construction is placed, is a proprietary elastomer, 5mm thick.
  • Power cables – higher models. The PC-2 EVO+ is equipped as standard with the power cord LC-1 EVO with 1.5m length. To maximize the potential of the conditioner we recommend the use of the power cord LC-2 EVO or LC-3 EVO

All GigaWatt products are covered by an insurance policy for the connected equipment, with a total insurance value of 1000000 PLN. The insurance does not apply to the United States and Canada.


Dawid Grzyb
“As a product developed to work mainly in the pro sector, Sveda Audio Blipo monitors are very potent in revealing recordings’ mastering quality and any changes within a given setup. Their reaction to GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+ was far greater than expected. Shortly after switching from my reference power strip, the sound got beefier and perceptively also a bit louder, though I can’t say whether this was true as no measurements were conducted. When tracks loaded with strong bass foundation were on, it was very obvious that gutsier, more muscular and a bit lower downstairs than previously was the case. Let’s invoke “Sabrina” by Einstürzende Neubauten, Lorde’s “Royals” or “Gambling House Massacre” from fabulous “Zatoichi” flick OST. These recordings have well-developed bass lines and additionally extended heavier low end was particularly audible in each once PC-2 EVO+ was on the job. The same story repeated itself with low FR generated by real instruments, i.e. drums in various musical pieces by Wardruna, Danheim and KODO, but the list was far longer. Although recorded averagely at best, generous portion of “Celloverse” LP by 2Cellos showcased the same scheme with string instruments this duo is the most known for. Bass performance upped on several counts with no obvious trade-offs was the conclusion.Past the first hour of critical listening, the impression was that my PF-2 power strip was not only leaner, but also a bit feistier. This was audible especially with artificially generated bass, i.e. synth-made and not delivered via real instruments. Several tracks from “Ghosts” LP by Nine Inch Nails and then some by How To Destroy Angels – a side project of the same frontman – got me into thinking like so. Generous part of Trent Reznor’s work is above-the-average recorded and mastered, hence this observation wasn’t music quality related. That’s why for a good while I was certain that PF-2 held an edge over PC-2 EVO+ on the dynamic count. Not. The key to finding out what’s what exactly were – again – live instruments. Drums on KODO’s “Daraijin” track from “Mondo Head” LP are of various size and as such these deliver different scale and tension. GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+ was more generous as far as texturing goes and this on some recordings masked momentum in music. But with something as direct, agile and uncompressed as big Taiko drums, the Polish power conditioner easily bested its smaller sibling and the more I drowned in either minimalist instrument schemes or big orchestral pieces, the more and more obvious it became.”

“Although GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+’s potency in setups other than mine remains a mystery, one thing I do know now. Ordinary wall sockets were effortlessly bested by GigaWatt PF-2 years ago, which now has been surpassed by this review’s hero with similar ease. That’s the main takeaway of this review, hence if you’re on a lookout for a proper power conditioner from the ~ €3’000 realm, GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+ might turn out to be just the thing you were after all along. Bravo, Adam. ‘Till next time!”

Arkadiusz Ogrodnik
“Sound cleanliness of the stereo system powered by PC-2 EVO + is amazing, it seems that we have improved the sound of each component of this two channel installation.

GigaWatt absolutely doesn’t limit the sound dynamics, and even improves it, because a cleaner reception of free of noise music, heightens the energetic potential of sounds coming out of the speakers. I checked it in two independent systems, where the first was based, among others, on the Accuphase E-270 amplifier, the second on the Hegel H80 amplifier – both amplifications gained above all for dynamics on both scales, as well as for sound clarity.”

“PC-2 EVO +, apart from the obvious role of protecting devices connected to the power supply system, has a positive effect on the sound, making its quality clearly improving. This Polish conditioner is currently one of the absolute world tops among brands specializing in the production of power accessories.”

Wojciech Pacuła
“Power conditioners modify the sound in a completely different way than power strips do; furthermore passive conditioners influence the sound differently than active ones. Power strips vanish from the sound earlier, because they usually do not add anything to it. But equally often, they take away pieces of the sound. The better a strip, the less it takes away, and vice versa. It is different with conditioners. Usually they add lots to the sound, while taking away bits of it too. They are used because they give something no strip, and also no direct to wall outlet plugging can provide: a black background, incredible silkiness behind the sounds and smoothing out of the sound – those things cannot be found in simple power splitters, because that is the result of cleaning the incoming power. So the conditioners have a better sorted sound, but almost always with a slightly higher placed gravity center, cleaner, but also thinner. This made that what I got with the new GigaWatt conditioner even more interesting. Keeping things short – music seems to play louder and stronger with it. This is of course psycho-acoustics, the signal is still the same, but still.”

“With the PC-2 EVO+ I heard for the first time something, that alters the character of those changes. For the first time I hear saturation, density and a low, beautiful bass, which will be desired in many, many systems. The reference system from HF is very transparent, and even with that system, those were still assets, and not “only” modifications.”

Good because it is Polish? In case of Gigawatt this saying is more than true. In the PC-2 EVO model, instead of a separating transformer a multi-stage filter system was applied. This means, that we have kind of three high quality power strips enclosed within once chassis. Separate passive filters isolate from interference generated by the devices themselves, and in addition the conditioner protects them from surprises coming down the power line. But who cares? Probably nobody, but I would really recommend to remember parts of the description. When you hear, what is the influence on sound caused by the PC-2 EVO with the LC-2 MkII cable, you will need to justify the spending. The difference is comparable to changing standard loudspeaker cables to Nordost tapes. The Gigawatt introduces a new dose of energy into the music. It improves dynamics, clarity, stereophony and bass control. And if somebody who does not feel those descriptions should ask you, you can just say, that it protects that, what is best.

Tomasz Karasiński
“It emphasizes on clarity and dynamics, clearly stating, that we will not be bored while listening. The impression is, as if the amplifier would get some extra watts, and the loudspeakers were freed from a thin veil, which we did not notice before. In the test the sound of the system became more direct, palpable and realistic. An yet the Tempo VI and Mac 6600 are a dynamic and well resolving set. The Polish conditioner moved the borders of its capabilities even higher. As if it “played more”, as one of my acquaintances said. The PC-2 EVO does not improve the sound by a little – it shapes the sound. It influences the sound of the system not less than cabling or change of the sound source. It has one, very clear goal – to expose more details, improve dynamics and stereophony, while at the same time not losing any timbre, if possible.”

“You could think, that the conditioner was upping the sound level a bit. The sound gains on expressiveness. After longer listening I come to the conclusion, that the Gigawatt achieves this introducing more silence to the sound. The musical background becomes darker, and the instruments are more visible placed against it. This is the reason, that each sound seemed to leave the loudspeakers with doubled power. A similarly interesting effect can be observed in stereophony. On first sight, the sound seems thinned. In reality, the contours of the instruments become sharper, so each one of them takes less space on the stage, and at the same time the amount of air separating the sounds from each other increases. Each source is better placed in space and better defined. The Gigawatt encourages the system to play with points and not burred spaces. Also the depth increases. Recordings done with the sound being placed close to the listener become even more intimate, those operating with a far plane move away from the speakers for another meter. The PC-2 EVO introduces another dose of freshness in stereophony and empowers the system.”

Alek Rachwald
“The power conditioning devices from Gigawatt had always for me one main characteristic: fantastic craftsmanship. I did not know how they worked in my system, because for some reason I had not have the opportunity to try them out, but the external design and quality – a pure revelation.

“The inside of the conditioner was a shock even for an old hand: I have not seen such an order and such craftsmanship since the time the motorway to East Prussia was made. Symmetry, neatness, incredible solidity.”

“The sounds became better differentiated, the subtle micro signals became better audible, visibly the micro dynamics improved. The reverb aura around the individual tones returned. The impression of noncommittal banging on the keys of the piano or harpsichord disappeared, the musicians seemed to take more care. I had the impression, that there is some subcutaneous rhythm in the music, which became more of a whole. The decays were longer, the aura of the rooms, where the recordings were made returned to its rightful place. The individual elements of this improvement were subtle, but unanimously positive and the music clearly gained naturality after plugging in the PC-2 EVO.”

Wojciech Pacuła
“A change of power cords becomes structural and deeper than merely a change of timbres. With a good power conditioner like the PC-2 EVO, this can be heard twice over. Switching from the very solid and proven passive PF-2 power strip, a few things could be heard immediately and added up to a completely different presentation. First off, the sound became more vivid.”

“The PC-2 EVO allowed me to hear more meaning in the music. I better understood—or at least thought I did—the artists’ and sound engineers’ intentions. Individual sounds were far better differentiated.”

“With the GigaWatt conditioner the sound gained life not by overexposing the treble or boosting dynamics by treble brightening but with much better color saturation than the PF-2 and hence more natural timbres.”

“From the perspective of other conditioners I know, the GigaWatt EVO seemed more natural. In this aspect it is -heretically- even better than GigaWatt’s top PC-4 conditioner I reviewed previously (it’s been since superseded by a new version).”

“The vocals are cleaner and devoid of sibilants. In a balanced system like mine they become incredibly involving, passionate even. The PC-2 EVO renders the shapes on stage more palpable and manifest mostly by eliminating treble colorations (that’s not synonymous with attenuation).”

“My system clearly improved in tangibility with a closer-up perspective and a visibly deeper soundstage. The effect suggested that the system also played louder but my SPL meter showed exactly the same output. The heightened tone-color intensity with the conditioner simply suggested an increase in volume.”

“The PC-2 EVO did more. It did change the sound – for the better. By comparison, the NordOst Thor seemed glaring to me and Shunyarta’s Hydra 8 which I reviewed some time ago and which one of my friends bought (now a v2 is available) a bit too dark. The EVO should also prove itself in systems where for example Accuphase conditioners would limit dynamics. The EVO is extremely well balanced and although it does shape the sound, it does it well.”

“When used with the PC-2 EVO conditioner, this cable becomes a true revolution. True, the price doubles too but listen to this combination before you cry wolf. The pairing is unbelievably saturated and vibrant. It reaches deeply into the emotions of micro events to make us believe we’re partaking in a live experience. Obviously that’s an illusion as we’re listening to mere recordings but suspending disbelief is the relevant thing. There still remains a gap to the four-times dearer Acrolink PC9300 but this difference is not grave enough to kill for (or to have your wife kill herself in despair over your expensive hobby). The PC-2 EVO + LS-1 is something extraordinary and absolutely surprising at its price.”


Available socket types: EU (Schuko), US (Nema 5-20R), AU (AS/NZS 3112)
Line voltage: 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz or 110-120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum output power: 3 680 W
Maximum current load: 16 A
Absorbed impulse current: 20 000 A
Dimensions (W xH xD): 440 x 115 x 400 mm
Gross weight: 15.6 kg


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