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Reference SE Turntable By TriangleART
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Jaguar is an authorized dealer for all TriangleART turntables. The TriangleART Reference SE is the company's original reference product...available in many colors and now a classic.... Click To Read More
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Reference SE Turntable By TriangleART


Jaguar is an authorized dealer for all TriangleART turntables. The TriangleART Reference SE is the company’s original reference product…available in many colors and now a classic.

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Product Description

The TriangleART Reference SE is defined by the manufacturer’s dedication and love of the undisturbed musical experience, producing ecstasy for the music lover and the mastery of the engineering and aesthetics of the high-end turntable. After years of researching materials, suspensions, bearings, platters and motor designs, TriangleART finally produced this brilliant design.

The Reference SE is massive by design, weighing in at 275 pounds, including a hefty solid composite metal with a 48-millimeter thick platter made of solid composite metal and used to control and dampen all vibrations for better resonance performance. Non-inverted steel ball bearings support the heavy platter while still providing an intensely quiet and smooth as liquid performance. The jet-black background of this turntable reproduces every soft inner detail with subtle micro and macro dynamics, presenting a tight and articulate bass while projecting a holographic image and a light, airy sound stage.

  • The Platter: The platter is made of a unique composite material that controls its balance and vibration, and is one of the largest in the marketplace.
  • The Bearing: The Reference bearing runs on a thrust washer, and is made from stainless hard, shaft steel with a large ground radius. This special material has a very low coefficient of friction and very high wears resistance, resulting in a long, maintenance-free life.
  • The Motor: The heavy composite metal motor housing comes with a new interior AC to quietly drive that massive platter. With the inertia of the motor combined with the new design, it runs in complete silence. It also supports the platter to deliver consistent speeds – at either 33 rpm or 45 rpm.
  • The Crystal Speed Controller: The Crystal Digital Controller-Isolated Power Motor Drive, designed for all turntables, employees a 115v. AC motor to control the speed with precision and stabilize electrical power. The simple touch on a switch provides the ease of speed, and the ability to control the change at will. Playing and listening to 33 or 45 rpm is wonderfully enjoyable with the controller, giving you extreme precision that maintains and corrects over time.

Fly-in installation and setup are included with the Maestro, Signature, Reference SE, Master Reference and Ultimate LE models (for clients inside the USA and parts of Canada).


Positive Feedback: Signature Turntable and Osiris Tonearm
“Tom – thank you for bringing back the real turntables, and putting a modern touch on them. I love to see the faces of those that enter my listening room and their sheer look of awe on their faces.”

Audio Traveler: Review of our RMAF 2014 room
“Most obvious coolosity came from the TriangleArt platter spinners at the front of the room. TriangleArt has embraced a design school that teaches that success comes from excess.”

Positve Feedback: A 2nd review of the Signature Turntable and Osiris Tonearm
Pete Davey reviews the Signature Turntable and Osiris Arm: “I love to see the faces of those that enter my listening room and their sheer look of awe on their faces. I am proud to say that this is my turntable.” Signature Turntable
The Triangle Art Signature has taken my analog experience to a completely new level. Coupled to the Clearaudio Stradivari cartridge and the Osiris tone arm (review to come), Music has taken a leap in importance and depth of understanding. Couple this sonic excellence to the otherworldly build quality and design and ultimately, there is nothing more that one could ask from a turntable system.” reviews the TriangleART room at the San Francisco California Audio Show.

TriangleART Signature Stereo Times’ Publisher’s Choice 2012 Award goes to Tom Vu’s remarkable Reference SE Turntable. “In terms of looks and workmanship, the Triangle ART Ref SE is a work of art. Sonic-wise I would easily place it among the best available. That this level of analog playback can be had for around 20K puts it on rare turf.”


AV Showrooms has selected TriangleART Signature for their Gold Sound Award, chosen for both price and quality considerations.



  • Gold/Chrome plating
  • One Arm base of your choice
  • Can Mounted 9″ to 12″ tonearm
  • External AC Motor With housing
  • External Crystal Digital Speed Controller
  • 33 and 45 RPM speed
  • Also available in Black, Gold or custom colors
  • Acrylic base not included


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