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Jaguar Complete Turntable Setup Video

Jaguar Complete Turntable Setup Video

The Jaguar Turntable Setup Video guides you step-by-step through each part of the setup process.  Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, setting up an entry-level or extreme high-end model, it’s all here, with easy-to-understand instructions and in about half an hour.

Note: Watch in Full-Screen, 1080HD mode, for the best viewing experience.

Jaguar has created a document with notes and additional details to use in conjunction with the video. Submit your info below to Jaguar’s Email List and we’ll send you a link to the document.

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Note (9/5/2017): In attempting to use the multimeter method for VTA with my new EAR 834P phono preamp, I found it was not possible to get consistent readings.  I ended up using the sight method, with a CD and jeweler loupe.  I haven’t done listening comparisons, but I don’t believe any other method would have yielded audible sonic improvement.  Taking my time, I had an excellent view even of the tiny diamond on my Triangle Art Apollo cartridge and set it to what appeared to be perfectly vertical under high magnification.

Jaguar Guide to Buying Vinyl Records

In this video we discuss how to buy vinyl records.  Learn all our tips about buying records in the hifi stores, buying records online and how to track down the pressings with the best sound quality.  This video is ideal for anyone interested in starting a vinyl collection.  Right now, you’ll learn how to buy vinyl without wasting money and all the little tips it takes a few years to pick up.

Note: Watch in Full-Screen, 1080HD mode, for the best viewing experience.

Additional Tips
* This is a running list, so feel free to add your suggestions to the comments below.

  • You can leave plastic outer sleeves on the covers and still avoid taking them off to remove the album.  Just turn the outer sleeve up and slide the inner sleeve behind the cover.
  • The main purpose of shipping the album outside the cover is to avoid damaging the cover.
  • — Find the pressing info for all your albums by searching the matrix numbers here.
  • – Here are the definitions for grading records and covers.

A Free and Accurate Turntable Setup Tool

This Free Turntable Setup Tool online will assist you with setting up the cartridge geometry on your turntable.  With this software you can print a very accurate turntable protractor on a piece of paper.  Jaguar has personally compared the results of this software to the $50 Mofi and $250 Feickert protractors and found absolutely no difference.  It may not be as durable or convenient as those others, but it’s free.

This software was created by a super smart guy named Conrad Hoffman.  Here’s a link to Conrad’s website and a link to download the tool.


Using the Tool

  • Read Me: Start by reading the instructions in the Read Me file.
  • Spindle to Pivot Distance: Set this according to the specification given by the manufacturer of your tonearm.
  • Inner/Outer Groove Radius: These are automated calculations, based on the box you select on the right (don’t touch these figures).
  • DIN/IEC/Typical: These settings have to do with the distance of the music tracks from the center of the album.  Choose “Typical”, which is the most accurate, on average.
  • Printer Correction: It’s possible, but very unlikely your printer is not printing to accurate scale, on the X or Y axis.  The print will give you horizontal and vertical guides to measure with a ruler, to confirm the scale.
  • Arm ID: This allows you to label your sheet, for example, a particular tonearm name.
  • Lofgren/Stevenson: Choose Lofgren A; I recommend this because it generally provides the lowest amount of total distortion (Stevenson the most distortion); see the graphs below.
  • Print Arc Template: Click this button to finish.

CaptureTurntable Protractor

Lofgren ALofgren BStevenson* Note: Distortion calculations are dependent on the distance of the most inner and most outer groove, from the center.  Generally Lofgren A offers slightly less total distortion than Lofgren B and notably less than Stevenson.

* Source: John Elison