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Sterling in Alabama

I thought my system sounded pretty damn good before you turned me on to the concept of speaker isolated but now I have no idea how I lived without it. I tried comparing one speaker with isolation and one without and it blew my mind. BTW, you’ll recall how skeptical I was early on, so your trial period was really crucial to me.

Scott in Oregon

Thanks for the quick shipping.  I got it yesterday, and I’m shocked by how much better my system sounds with such a simple tweak.  So, now I’m curious about other Akiko products…

Ted in Palm Springs

The phono booster does exactly what is stated in the product breakdown. More detail, better soundstage, blacker background. I know this is an old audio cliche, but it is like someone has cleaned a window. I can see, yes see, not just hear deeper into the background of the recordings. I can almost tell how big the recording space is in every album I play. So to me that’s pretty spectacular. Will definitely be trying some other products from your business. Thank you

John in London

Just a polite email to update you on how the 308 is getting on. In one word it smashed the Acrolink on my K-01 not even close.