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AV stands for Audio Visual, which essentially means electronic media possessing a sound as well as a visual component, both simultaneously. Some examples count films, televisions, live theatre productions, and slide-tape presentations. If we talk about AV equipment, in particular, they are of different types. 

AV has a vast domain for usage. In the corporate world, it has a lot to do including the following:

  • Communication aid – Whether the meetings or conferences are online, offline, or a mix of the two, conference calls, video presentations, and speech delivery, etc. for the audience is made convenient with the help of an AV setup.
  • Remote Working – Thanks to the newer innovations made in the field of electronics, the corporate sector works smoothly, even without the employees working under the same roof. Audiovisual instruments are a must for long-distance communications in the offices when remote working is followed. 
  •  Streamline Collaboration- AV heavily contributes when it comes to enhancing clarity in communication, saving time and money, and improving relations.

The AV equipment includes powered speakers, wireless mics, data projectors, microphone mixers, podiums, and so on. Not only in the corporate sector but also in various other domains, AV has a firm grip. 

Covering up domains of classrooms, data projectors play a vital part. For large conferences, shows, seminars, and lectures, wireless mics are a must! When this comes to multiple mics, people often require a microphone mixer. So, audio-visual equipment is for every sector!

Taking Care of Your AV Equipment

Many institutions and associations often need to assign the task of managing and maintaining the audiovisuals to a separate task force. That is pretty obvious. After all, for a one-time investment, everyone wishes to buy a perfect model and top-quality products, which are usually expensive. With such an investment, maintaining and taking care of the equipment becomes a crucial task! For this, here are some suggestions you might wish to have a look at:

1. Regular inspection and interrogation

Taking the help of the warranty, you can have the inspection check-up, call/ email support, and repairs done by the manufacturer or brand.

2. External Cleaning

Dusting and cleaning your AV devices regularly is a must. In case there are compact spaces for cleaning, using a compressed air duster will be perfect.

3. Perform Power Cycle

Performing a power cycle every 2-4 months is the real secret to make your AV equipment use for a long time. It clears cache memory and helps enhance the performance of your equipment.

4. Avoid and monitor misuse

Misuse obviously is bad for anything. Monitor and stop it within your organization. The personnel handling the equipment should be in charge.

5. Don’t let it overheat

Electronic devices often degrade or give up their performance due to overheating or overburden. Make sure to keep proper space in front of the vents and don’t let your equipment overrun.

6. Clean the backside of the display

The rear vents are placed behind the screen. So, they need to be cleaned regularly. This must be done using a microfibre cloth.

7. Train the operators:

To clean and set up the audio-visual devices regularly, you need to provide the operators with proper training to avoid any damage.

So, here we conclude our tips to take care of your AV equipment. Do follow us for more informative catch-ups.