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Take a look at one of our favorite new products, the Bakoon DAC-21 digital to analog converter. Bakoon products are designed by a team of Japanese engineers, using some very unique and revolutionary circuit designs, then those designs are superbly manufactured in South Korea. Everything from Bakoon has one characteristic, which is a lower noise floor than any other components we’ve encountered.

The DAC-21 has been in development for 5 years, as the company refused to release it until it achieved their idea of perfection and they have delivered. To our ears, the DAC-21 has much in common with the supreme musicality of the PS Audio DirectStream DAC. However, the DAC-21 is battery powered; a DAC at this level typically required a high-end power cable costing $1-2K, to achieve its maximum potential performance.  When you look at the cost of the DirectStream, at $5,995 and compare it to the DAC-21 at $3,495, the tremendous value is obvious.  The words 6Moons used to describe the DAC-21 in its review included…Superlative, Purity and Extreme Resolution.  We couldn’t agree more, as we’ve spent hours being dazzled by the musical, flowing sound from the DAC-21.

Click the video below to hear how music recorded directly from the DAC-21 sounds.  For more info and reviews, click the Jaguar Online Store link below.

Note: Watch in Full-Screen, 1080HD mode, for the best viewing experience.