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The leading hi-fi manufacturer, Rega Research Ltd, is known for pioneering innovation and world-class engineering. Every Rega collection is designed to provide the finest harmonious performance so users can enjoy the best listening experience without breaking the bank. Let’s discuss this British manufacturer and learn more about their product lines and who you should trust when looking for authentic Rega products.

The History of Rega

Roy Gandy, the Rega owner, co-founded the company in 1973. He was not an established hi-fi turntable engineer at that time. But what he did for this company, its customers, and the entire industry is truly inspiring. Though the process was slow, daunting, and often excruciating, it was marked by breathtaking incidents along the way.

Elite engineering has been the driving factor behind Rega’s long journey. The Rega experts are fascinated with specialized materials, high build quality, exacting tolerances, and advanced designs. The company assembles each unit by hand in their custom-built thirty-eight thousand square foot large facility in Southeast England.

Product Line

Rega Research Ltd has a full range of product lines, including top-notch audio systems, amplifiers, loudspeakers, other similar components, gears, and accessories. Rega’s comprehensive collection is available in more than 46 countries across the globe, and the USA is one of them. Later in this article, we will talk about the best Rega dealer you can trust in the USA. But before that, let us take a quick look at Rega’s high-end collection.

Rega currently has eight turntables in its inventory. Planar 1 and Planar 1 Plus are the latest models among them. Some of their other bestselling turntable models are:

  1. Planar 78 (78 RPM cartridge available)
  2. Planar 2
  3. Planar 3
  4. Planar 6
  5. Planar 8

The latest amplifier models you can buy from Rega are io and Elicit MK5. Some other Rega amplifier models are:

  1. Brio
  2. Elex-R
  3. Aethos

You can also buy 2-way and 2.5-way loudspeakers from the house of Rega. Kyte is their latest model in this category. Other Products that you can consider in this category are as follows:

  1. RX1
  2. RX3
  3. RX5
  4. RS10 etc.

Rega’s System One is the complete package delivering dynamic expression and harmonious cohesion. People looking for an easy-to-use vinyl set-up can consider buying this audio system that contains:

  1. The Rega analog audio system
  2. io amplifier
  3. Planar 1 turntable
  4. Kyte loudspeakers
  5. 3-meter speaker cable
  6. Mini remote

Besides the products mentioned above, make sure to check out Rega’s phono stages, CD players, and other audio components & accessories that will surely excite the audiophile in you.

JaguarAudio – Your Trusted Rega Dealer in the USA

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