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JaguarAudio, a leading online seller of the finest audio components, is now also a T+A dealer. The partnership adds more variety to our product portfolio and serves customers who are particularly looking for top-notch audio gear from this German manufacturer. Their innovations, high-class engineering, and beautiful designs have won the heart of customers across Europe and beyond. But most importantly, their products are conveniently equipped and sound great. Keep on reading to learn more about T+A and its high-end collection.

About T+A HiFi

In the field of audio technology, T+A stands for Theory and Application. Ever since 1978, they have been successfully conceiving, refining, and manufacturing Hi-Fi components and audio gears for worldwide audiences.

They aspire for new findings instead of exploiting the existing knowledge. Maybe that’s why they call themselves scientists. In their words, they are not mass product manufacturers but the creator of acoustic treasures and enthusiasm. It makes sense when we look at their top-class product line. Their German Brand Award ’22 also advocates for the same.

Jaguar is now a T+A dealer

A Quick Glimpse into T+A’s Advanced Collections

T+A offers a wide range of audio components, gears, and accessories. Below we will talk about the most significant models among them.The HV-Series appeared in 2013 for the first time. Back then, T+A capitalized on their years of experience to develop first-class transistor amplifiers and valve devices. Their latest series integrates the groundbreaking concept of combining technological and sonic advantages at the same time while averting the inherent drawbacks of modern valves.
The source devices in the HV-Series are as good as the amplifiers. Their processing and reproduction capability is up to the mark. T+A also has a digital converter, multi-source SACD player, preamplifier, power supply, and other components in their HV-Series.

Some of the ranges of models you can find in their hifi audio line are:

  1. R-Series
  2. Series 200
  3. E-Series
  4. Caruso Series
  5. CALA

In the loudspeaker section, their bestselling models are:

  • Talis
  • Criterion
  • Caruso
  • Pulsar

People looking for high-quality T+A headphones can go with the T+A Solitaire P or Solitaire T. These models deliver high-quality sound. T+A also offers amazing headphone amplifiers in their line.

Buy T+A Collections from JaguarAudio

You can buy high-end T+A collections from our online shop, as you already know that Jaguar is now a T+A dealer. Since we are an authorized seller of T+A for the US, you can expect the best possible advice and service from us throughout your audio journey. We take great pride in our top-flight customer service and commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients. We have in-home trial periods on almost everything we offer. Shop T+A collections from Jaguar that will suit and improve your hifi experience.