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In this video we discuss how to buy vinyl records.  Learn all our tips about buying records in the hifi stores, buying records online and how to track down the pressings with the best sound quality.  This video is ideal for anyone interested in starting a vinyl collection.  Right now, you’ll learn how to buy vinyl without wasting money and all the little tips it takes a few years to pick up.

Note: Watch in Full-Screen, 1080HD mode, for the best viewing experience.

Additional Tips
* This is a running list, so feel free to add your suggestions to the comments below.

  • You can leave plastic outer sleeves on the covers and still avoid taking them off to remove the album.  Just turn the outer sleeve up and slide the inner sleeve behind the cover.
  • The main purpose of shipping the album outside the cover is to avoid damaging the cover.
  • — Find the pressing info for all your albums by searching the matrix numbers here.
  • – Here are the definitions for grading records and covers.