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Here’s what we’re up to these days at Jaguar.  Check out our new video of the Jaguar Listening Studio and our Reference System.

Note: Watch in Full-Screen, 1080HD mode, for the best viewing experience.

This video has been about 18 months in the making…putting the system and room together, assembling the video production kit and learning how to use it.

The Room

The acoustic panels are from RPG Acoustics, including eight 2ft tuned corner bass trap sections and a pair of 4′ x 5′ broadband bass panels.  The ceiling is ringed by two dozen 2′ x 2′ curved (Broadband Absorption and Diffusion) BAD panels, with an additional 2″ layer of rigid fiberglass in the wood frames.  The ceiling panel is a 36 sq/ft collection of flat BAD panels; we originally planned a 64 sq/ft panel, but scaled it back, with the potential to expand it later.  I have about 500hrs invested in building the frames and installing room treatments.  If you’ve never tried mounting 600lbs of acoustic panels on an 18ft ceiling, I can’t recommend it.

The acrylic rack was built by a local plastics fabricator, according to our specs, as were the speaker platforms, which have Townshend shock absorbers inserted between layers.  Speaker suspension platforms are a typical feature with systems we build.

The coffee table was built by a a local woodworker, according out our design.  The painting was done by a young Seattle artist named Noah Neighbor, who does a lot of interesting work.


The filming was done on my Panasonic GH4 / Lumix 18-35mm lens and edited on Final Cut.  I was originally planning to use a Vivaldi string quartet for the music, but decided to go with the electronic piece.  A 2nd video wasn’t really an option, because I did too much footage without a tripod and it was unusable.  Please comment below on your ideas what you might have done differently with the video.

The Jaguar System

Here’s the gear currently in the Jaguar Reference System: