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Check out the 2018 video of the Jaguar Listening Space, in Seattle, WA.  This project has been waiting several months to be finalized and happened to be shot just before we upgraded our camera kit, but it was time to put it out and move on.  If you compare to our 2016 video posted on this site you’ll agree our skill with the camera and editing have progressed and we expect they’ll advance substantially by the time of the next one.  The Jaguar System has changed a bit since 2016 and substantial changes were made to the acoustic panels on the ceiling.  The room is truly finished now, seriously, exactly the way I want it and doing any more would be way too expensive and time consuming.

Note: Watch in Full-Screen, 1080HD mode, for the best viewing experience.

Editing was done with DaVinci Resolve after ditching Final Cut.  Resolve is an amazing program once you learn your way around it.  I highly recommend trying it out if you have any desire to get into editing video files.  Resolve is substantially more powerful than Final Cut and less expensive than Premier (though it can require some upgrading of hardware).  The cost is only $300 for the full version, but the Free version does almost everything except edit 4K video, making it possibly the most impressive free program I can think of.

The camera used was the GH5, which I found really difficult to use, so I moved to the GH5s as soon as it was released.  Then I added the Voightlander 17.5mm lens.  Both are substantially better in low light conditions and would have been ideal in this case, but all the shots were completed before the addition of the new gear.  Going back and shooting more footage after you think a project is complete is kind of like eating a bowl if ice cream after finishing a Thanksgiving dinner…difficult to summon enthusiasm.  That said, more videos will be coming with the new gear.