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Phasemation is the HiFi audio brand of Kyodo Denshi Engineering Co., Ltd. Many HiFi experts will agree, the cartridge is one of the most critical aspects in the reproduction of music from vinyl records. A fundamental goal of HiFi audio is to reproduce the palpable realism of live music on stage using two channels of sound (left and right). The phase properties between the channels and a very even frequency response are critical to achieving this goal, which is where Phasemation really excels.

Let’s check out the latest Phono Cartridges By Phasemation-

  • PP-200 Phono Cartridge By Phasemation-

The Phasemation PP-200 is the company’s newest model and was created in response to customer requests for a new basic Phasemation cartridge model that allows you to experience the essence of their top model at a significantly lesser cost.


  • It has neodymium magnets for the magnetic circuit. This results in an increase in output as well as a more powerful sound quality.
  • The upper versions’ diamond tips and boron cantilevers are carried over to this cartridge.
  • A newly designed body was adopted, resulting in direct sound quality To control undesirable vibrations.

It comes with 0.3mV (1kHz 50mm/s horizontal direction) output voltage and  10 Hz to 30 kHz playing frequency range.

  • PP-2000 Phono Cartridge By Phasemation

The Phasemation PP-2000 cartridge is the company’s top-of-the-line model. The PP-2000 achieves the maximum degree of performance.


  • The magnetic circuits of the PP-2000 are the next generation of those found in the PP-1000.
  • The vibration system has been redesigned to provide the optimum sound quality balance.
  • More accurate damping properties are provided by a new unique damping substance, resulting in a more atmospheric sense.

It has 0.3mV(horizontal direction of 1kHz 50mm/s) output voltage and a 10 Hz to 30 kHz playing frequency range.

6 Latest Phono Cartridges by Phasemation

  • PP-500 Phono Cartridge By Phasemation

In 2015, Phasemation proudly debuted the PP-500. Produced with great care and attention to detail in order to authentically replicate the lineage of Phasemation’s flagship cartridge, the PP-2000, at a lower cost.


  • The PP-500, like the PP-2000, produces a good magnetic field with high efficiency and homogeneity.
  • The base is composed of duralumin to provide the optimal balance of sound quality.
  • You will be able to enjoy the robust sound quality and a genuine feeling.
  • PP-1000 Phono Cartridge By Phasemation

The Phasemation PP-1000 is the culmination of ten years of study. The result is a wonderful combination of dazzling middle/treble and deep bass. The delicacy and intricacy of this Japanese cartridge are well-known.


  • The PP-1000’s magnetic circuit was completely redesigned to increase efficiency and magnetic uniformity. The output is enhanced without increasing the vibration section’s mass.
  • Its body material was reformulated using stainless steel and duralumin for the finest sound quality balance.
  • It has a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating that increases stiffness and vibration dampening characteristics, allowing for maximum detail.

It comes with 0.29mV(horizontal direction of 1kHz 50mm/s) output voltage and 10Hz to 30kHz playing frequency range.

  • PP-300 Phono Cartridge By Phasemation

The Phasemation PP-300 was released to mark the company’s ten-year milestone. It’s still one of Phasemation’s crown jewels.


  • The pp-300 uses the same magnetic circuit construction technology as the flagship PP-1000.
  • The P-300’s base and body are made of duralumin. The DLC coating provides outstanding stiffness and vibration damping properties to the structure.
  • It has high-quality sound materials.

With pp-300, you can rediscover the joy of creating great feelings and a new soundscape.

  • PP-Mono Phono Cartridge By Phasemation

The Phasemation PP-Mono monaural cartridge is still a favorite among analog audiophiles with large mono record collections.


  • The magneto system of the PP-Mono has been redesigned.
  • Its aluminum cantilever is both light and robust, allowing for good monaural signal tracing.
  • The result is a level of melody and sensation that traditional monaural cartridges can’t match.
  • Materials from the PP-1000 are passed down to the PP-Mono.

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