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A power conditioner is a device that takes electrical interference noise, such as radio frequencies, WiFi, and electromagnetic interference from the mains and filters it out. As a result, the audio equipment attached to it will receive cleaner power that is smooth and free of fluctuations. The power source isn’t always reliable. Line noise, spikes, and other types of disturbances occur often. While the line noise doesn’t damage equipment, the sound quality is degraded as a result. 

A power conditioner is an important piece of equipment that filters out “dirty” power and keeps your pricey equipment safe and operating at peak performance. It contributes to the long-term durability of your equipment.

Puritan Audio Laboratories manufactures power cables, strip purifiers, and Studio Master Purifiers.

Let’s check out the three latest Puritan power conditioner products-

  • PSM156 Power Conditioner 

Puritan Audio Laboratories’ PSM156 Power Conditioner improves on the iconic PSM136’s brilliance by preserving the precise symmetrically balanced circuitry and 6 fully separate outputs while also expanding the number of independent noise filtration stages.


  • It Removes the DC component from the AC sine wave, reducing transformer buzz and allowing them to operate at full efficiency.
  • Six 15-amp outlets, each comes with its own refilter stage for common and differential mode disturbances, preventing cross-contamination between connected devices.
  • Its 52 purification phases reduce common and differential mode interference, resulting in improved clarity, staging, and dynamics.
  • The integrated earth management system, which includes cleansed ground and a star earthing format, further reduces noise and improves clarity and dynamics.

The PSM156 will take your system to a whole new level. It has Voltage Range: 110-250v AC 50/60Hz and comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

Puritan Power Conditioner: Why Will You Purchase It?

  • PS106-DC Power Conditioner

The PS106-DC Power Strip is a step up from the Puritan Power Brick, with additional componentry for the more stubborn aspects of differential mode interference. This unit was planned and built with great care and attention to detail, and it will serve you well for many years.


  • The PS106-DC is intended to be permanently powered. 
  • A resettable trip situated right below the additional earthing terminal protects the input from overcurrent use. 
  • Its Multiple purification steps work together to eliminate common and differential mode interference.
  • The star earthing plan eliminates hum loops and lowers the noise floor, resulting in more stillness and definition.
  • Cleansed earth reduces noise in the earth line, improving clarity and dynamics even more.

PS106-DC has a Voltage Range of 110-240 50-60Hz and this product comes with a 3 Years Warranty.

  • PSM512 Power Conditioner 

The PSM1512 doubles the number of individually refiltered output stages of the much-lauded PSM156, preserving everything that makes the PSM156 so great while allowing twice the number of components to be connected. Your system can now deliver even more delicacy and detail while increasing dynamics and punch thanks to its symmetrically balanced circuitry and 94 separately adjusted filter elements.


  • Rebalances the AC sine wave removing DC component.
  • It eliminates transformer buzz, allowing them to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • To eliminate cross-contamination between connected equipment
  • There are twelve 15 Amp Outlets for both common and differential mode disturbances.
  • Common and differential mode interference is removed through 94 purification stages, improving clarity, staging, and dynamics.
  • Internal wiring is OFC copper that has been silver plated and is PTFE insulated.
  • Non-sacrificial three-dimensional surge protection with a massive 9,000 amps.

PSM1512 has a Voltage Range of 110-250v AC 50/60Hz and this product comes with a 5 Years Guarantee.

Where to Buy Puritan Power Conditioners?

Place an order for any of these robust power conditioners by Puritan Audio Laboratories from 

Get on-time shipping within the USA. If you have any questions you can call toll-free at  844-462-8346 (844-GOAUDIO) and talk to our experts for product information and advice. We also have the option to chat with a specialist.