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Focal is a French company committed to manufacturing benchmark acoustic equipment and delivering high-fidelity solutions since 1979. After a successful journey of 40 years, Focal has appeared as a leader in manufacturing high-fidelity loudspeakers, headphones, and audio drivers. If you are in the market to shop for a new headphone, you must check out the products the Focal line of products. Here’s a quick list of the top headphones you can buy at Jaguar from the Focal universe.

#1 Celestee Headphone

This closed-back, high-fidelity, circum-aural headphone provides an exceptional listening experience. The closed-back design makes this headphone suitable for use at home, studio, as well as on the go. The Celestee Headphone is powered by proprietary Focal technology, and delivers an ultra-clean, precise sound. After investing in the Celeste, you will intensify all your listening moments.

#2 Clear Mg Headphone

This high-fidelity headphone strikes a perfect balance among state-of-the-art audio performance, comfort, and exceptional aesthetics. The in-house engineers at Focal spent four years on the R&D of this product. So, it’s no wonder the Clear Mg headphone ensures a sensational sound rendering. This headphone incorporates a modern speaker driver technology and an ‘M’-shaped dome. That’s the reason Clear Mg is capable of creating the finest sound precision. You can consider investing in this headphone to experience complete listening pleasure. 

5 Best Focal Headphones That You Can Consider Buying in 2022

#3 Stellia Headphone

This powerful headphone features an electrodynamic speaker driver, which is capable of working precisely even at vanishingly low sound levels. Stellia Headphone capitalizes on Focal’s best technology and ensures outstanding soundproofing. Along with high performance, this headphone also delivers elegance and sophistication. Stellia headphones deliver with their iconic looks and excellent sound. 

#4 Clear Mg Professional Headphone

The Clear Mg Pro from Focal is a circum-aural, open-back headphone that utilizes a highly efficient speaker driver with ‘M’-shaped inverted domes. The Clear MG Professional may sound a bit boring to some audiophiles but that’s because it’s designed to be one of the best Focal headphones for professional music creators as it delivers a sonic experience that’s focused on accuracy, rather than musical enjoyment. This is the best choice for pro recording, mixing, and mastering. Clear Mg Professional headphones will give you the utmost experience of dynamics, precision, and an outstandingly even tonal balance.

#5 Focal Utopia 2020 Edition

Manufactured in France, Focal Utopia 2020 Edition is a superior quality, reference-level HiFi headphone. This open-back circum-aural headphone is powered by exclusive Focal technology. It’s also the world’s first audiophile headphone equipped with pure beryllium domes and full-range speaker drivers. Focal Utopia 2020 Edition offers everything you’d expect from a high-end headphone, and it is absolutely worth the investment. 

These are the top 5 Focal headphones you can consider buying in 2022. These products are well equipped, sophisticatedly designed, and capable of delivering exceptional listening pleasure. You can purchase Focal headphones at the best price from our web store. is a highly trusted and well-rated audio components and gear shop committed to delivering the best products to our customers. We also offer an in-home trial on almost everything, along with free shipping. Check out our full range of Focal headphones now and try the one you like.