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Super Tweeters are speaker ribbon tweeters designed and developed for producing superior sound quality. These produce ultra-high frequencies to improve sound quality for home audio systems and hi-fi systems. Super Tweeters enhance the sense of realism in music by increasing the frequency response of traditional hi-fi speakers. Super tweeters offer full-range sound, sound staging, and better accuracy.

The vast majority of speakers can benefit from super tweeters to make the sound of your system more natural and realistic which can not be achieved through woofers and mid-range speakers. Maximum Supertweeters presented by Townshend Audio allow listeners to derive utmost pleasure from both analog and digital system formats.

Townshend Supertweeters make the system sound more relaxed and natural while adding additional layers of textures to the tonal qualities of the sound texture. Read this blog till the end to know more about super tweeters presented by Townshend Audio.

Townshend Maximum Super Tweeters:

A super tweeter is an additional tweeter unit that provides listeners with a comprehensive ultra-high frequency response when used with a speaker. In general, loudspeaker systems deliver poor performance when they are used at higher frequencies. Maximum supertweeters by Townshend resolve the problems caused by loudspeaker systems. Regular tweeters cam reproduce distorted high frequencies with narrow polar output, super tweeters can supplement the sound of the tweeter’s speaker to extend it further into the high frequencies and produce a more realistic and natural sound. The chart of frequency response from Townshend Supertweeters below can be compared against the frequency response of your speakers to determine how the Supertweeters will interact in your system and extend the treble capability.

Townshend Supertweeters


  • Super tweeters such as Townshend Supertweeters have the ability to reproduce the ultra-high frequency content not heard from normal tweeters.
  • Maximum super tweeters by Townshend Audio offer a perfect response to ultra-high frequencies ranging from 2kHz-20kHz.
  • Super tweeters like Townshend maximum super tweeters can fine-tune your audio system by canceling out phase errors.
  • If you have the requirements for high power handling and loud volume, this system can provide you with the most efficient solution. It can improve the upper bass and high-frequency detail.
  • Maximum super tweeters are engineered to integrate with all high-quality speakers with simple plug-in connections.

Super tweeters have the ability to produce high frequencies your speakers are incapable of reaching. If you have high-quality content, it can do miracles for you. Once you put them on a speaker, your world will change. Supper tweeters can transform a HiFi system.

Where Can You Buy Townshend’s Maximum Supertweeters:

If you would like to buy Maximum Supertweeters presented by Townshend Audio, You can buy a pair on, an authorized retailer of all Townshend audio products & one of the leading and trusted online platforms for audio products from premium brands of the world.

The company offers worldwide free shipping. If you have some more queries, you can also call our toll-free number at (844) 462-8346 (844-GOAUDIO) to know more about Townshend’s maximum super tweeters.