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I’ve been involved with the Pacific Northwest Audio Society since 2009, served as the club Vice President for a few years and the President for 2012.  I’ve heard a few people say “why would I want to be part of an audio club”…big mistake in my experience.  Being a part of our club has introduced me to many of my audio friends, amazing gear, brilliant electronics designers, great deals and good music.  The Audio Society has been more valuable in improving my sound than anything else I’ve done and I’ve made a lot of good friends in the process.

Check out the list below to see if you have a club nearby.  If there’s no club in your area, maybe you need to start one?  With the Internet, it’s never been easier to get the word out.  However, judging by the number of defunct audio club websites, it’s no easy task to start a club with staying-power.  The PNWAS was founded in 1978 and I think there are a few important keys to success:

  1. Start in a city with a reasonably large population of audiophiles,
  2. Find a set meeting place that’s preferably not someone’s house or an audio dealer’s space (we meet in a church basement),
  3. Build a real website (don’t use a lame Yahoo or Google forum),
  4. Find members with time to devote to building the club,
  5. Find members with deep enough pockets to help build a decent club system,
  6. Build a decent club system,
  7. Plan interesting and exciting meetings to turn people out and develop a fun and welcoming environment to keep them coming back,
  8. Get the word out about the club meetings on the Internet and local papers,
  9. Commit yourselves to excellence in organization and planning,
  10. Reach out to the other clubs for advice (wait until you have your act together before doing this).

The Pacific Northwest Audio Society

Update: August 2018 – Check out this running list of clubs in Stereophile Magazine.

Club Websites (US and International): Here’s a list of your local audio clubs throughout the world that I’ve been able to find.  As you can see many cities have a club or had one at one time.  If they don’t have a website, it’s hard to say the club is real.  This is a running list, so if you have a web address for a club that’ not listed, please post a comment.

United States Clubs


International Clubs

Other Lists