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English Electric

If you are streaming music with Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, or Amazon Music, buy English Electric Switch to bring your sound to a new level! The specialized 8Switch Network Switch by English Electric is designed to minimize the impact of hard-wired data networks on sound quality. It’s an 8 port GbE Ethernet switch that functions to create high-performance music streaming networks. Buy English Electric Switch and find out the difference it brings in music streaming via music servers.

This small aluminium enclosure offers excellent protection from electrical and acoustic noise and comprises 8 audio-grade 100/1000 Base-T gigabit Ethernet ports that isolate high and low electrical noises. Exclusive features of English Electric Switch that make it a must-buy option for audiophiles are: 

  • A customized clock generates higher accuracy (0.1ppm) network signals.
  • 8Switch jitter measures 90% less compared to that of a general network switches.
  • Power supply designed to reduce EMI noise.
  • Chord Company C-Stream 0.75m Audiophile Ethernet Cable included.

 Great timing and coherence are crucial to reproduce realistic and enjoyable music sound in the home & English Electric Switch has them all. Get it today!

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  • 8Switch Network Switch By English Electric

    8Switch Network Switch By English Electric