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While Jaguar Audio Design has some of the most advanced DACs in the world. We believe analog, vinyl is still an essential part of the audiophile journey. Not necessarily better but unquestionably a different experience.

Jaguar’s ever-expanding catalog of Cartridges, Phono Preamps, Tonearms, Turntables, and Vinyl Accessories. Drawn from brands like Akiko Audio, Doshi Audio, EAR, Funk Firm, HiFiStay, iFi Audio, Lamm Industries, Phasemation, and Van Den Hul. We strive to offer a range of vinyl playback products to suit your sonic preferences and budget. And also deliver on the Jaguar ethos of Quality, Performance, and Value.

Work with Jaguar on your Turntable setup and begin exploring your vinyl record collection like never before!


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