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Jaguar considers cables to be an integral part of voicing a Hi-Fi system to reveal the full resolution your components. And are capable of, but also to voice your system.

All our cable interconnects or connectors are either gold-plated or rhodium-plated. Gold has a fuller mid-range for a more dense sound. While rhodium is leaner in the mid-range. Creating a greater emphasis on the high frequencies for a leaner, faster sound.

In our reference system we choose the connector material based on the synergy with the component in that position. So we use a mix of gold and rhodium throughout the system.

Another element of our cable philosophy is that we try to find cables that equal the performance of other brands costing 5-10X as much. Because if you’re on a budget and able to save money on your cabling, you can devote that capital to other parts of the system, and this is why we gravitate toward brands like AntiCables, Curious Cables, Furutech, Nanotec Systems, and Wywires.


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