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Delivery Free Shipping on Everything!


Jaguar can ship to virtually any address around the world. However, some manufacturers do not allow us to ship their products to certain countries. When you place an order to be shipped outside the US, you can contact us for a shipping estimate and delivery dates, which are based on the availability of your items and the shipping methods you choose.

Shipments to foreign countries (outside the United States) are only guaranteed to the US border (as determined by tracking) and by default are not insured for damage; you may contact us to add shipping insurance to your order. International shipping insurance can be expensive and most customers choose not to add it, but the option is yours’. Jaguar is also not responsible for any Customs delays or disputes within foreign countries.


Jaguar accepts payment with PayPal, credit/debit card, money order, bank check, personal check and bank wire. We reserve the right to restrict payments to certain types for some products or countries.

After completing checkout, when you select money order, bank/personal check or bank wire you will receive an email with the necessary address or bank information.