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Dan Clark Audio (DCA), a popular name among audiophiles, released a high-end closed-back over-ear headphone branded Stealth. Around a year later, the company released its open-back alternative – The EXPANSE. Its 4th generation planar magnetic driver, Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System proprietary technology, ergonomic design, and other flagship features set the EXPANSE headphone apart from other products in its range. But the question is, does its price tag of $3,999 justifiable? Let’s explore the answer below!!

Today, we will look at EXPANSE headphones‘ product description, technical details, build quality, design, and other vital aspects. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the discussion.

Dan Clark Audio Expanse Headphones

EXPANSE Headphone at a Quick Glimpse

Dan Clark Audio’s EXPANSE, an open-back flagship headphone, creates a three-dimensional soundstage and delivers rich, smooth, and spacious sound. This headphone’s proprietary Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS) paves the way for a wide-open soundstage. Its latest 4th generation driver also supplements the outcome.

DCA’s Stealth series introduced us to groundbreaking innovations in headphone design as they use metamaterial to fine-tune the tricky frequencies. This technique empowered Stealth to ensure a near open-back listening experience in a closed-back headphone. Now in EXPANSE, Dan Clark Audio is capitalizing on the same method in an open-back headphone to take product performance to the next level.

Specifications and Technical Details

Below is The Technical Details and Specs of Dan Clark Audio EXPANSE headphone:

  • Driver – 76 mm X 51 mm single-ended planar magnetic
  • Driver Matching –25 dB weighted 20 – 10,000Hz
  • Baffle – Made of carbon fiber
  • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) – Less than 0.03% 20-20KHz, ref. 1KHz at 94dB
  • Ear Pads – Made of synthetic suede and leather
  • Headband – Made of nickel and titanium

Build Quality, Design, and Comfortability

DCA’s EXPANSE is a highly comfortable full-size headphone that weighs around 418 grams. Its manufacturer has developed a unique self-adjusting suspension system that helps the headphone set perfectly on the ears. EXPANSE’s plush pads are superbly soft, making this product one of the most comfortable full-sized headphones of all time. Regarding isolation, the product doesn’t leak a lot of sounds.

Along with functionality, Dan Clark Audio has also focused on improving the aesthetic value of EXPANSE while designing it. They have used a matte black leather headband to give this product an iconic look. The band is also stitched with the model’s name – EXPANSE. You can also notice a hint of blue stitches, mainly in the inner part of the headband and around the edges of its outer portion. Though its primary purpose is to reduce heat buildup, the elegant touches of blue stitches make the product more stylish.

Final Verdict

This product is ergonomically designed and meant to deliver top-notch performance. Its CFD and FEA-optimized motor structure improve the driver motor-force uniformity. The same also smooths the acoustic flow. Dan Clark Audio EXPANSE headphones are not only about its excellent soundstage but also about the massive space it creates to deliver a simultaneously technical and engaging sound.

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