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The purpose of Dan Clark Audio’s design is to never sacrifice sound, comfort, or aesthetics. Dan Clark’s Stealth Headphone is the most powerful statement, encapsulating everything since its founding.

A Quick Look At Dan Clark’s Stealth Headphone

Dan Clark’s Audio’s flagship headphone, Stealth, is distinguished by its distinctive matte black and red aesthetic, which symbolizes the company’s wonderfully smooth, rich, and spacious sound. Stealth is a closed-back headphone with excellent isolation, and the Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS) works in tandem with the all-new 4th generation driver to produce a massive, wide-open soundstage.

Stealth boasts a self-adjusting headband and an ergonomic design that allows for long periods of listening enjoyment. This is the most exciting project to date, with groundbreaking technologies never seen before in the audio industry.

Stealth is a four-year-in-the-making headphone that sets a new benchmark in performance and ergonomics. Stealth gives a remarkably smooth presentation, bringing fresh life and excitement to all your favorite music, thanks to an all-new 4th generation planar magnetic driver and groundbreaking Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System.

  • Features

Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS)

High-frequency standing waves affect all headphones, making treble seem harsh, fatiguing, or synthetic. The AMTS is a patent-pending inline device that connects the transducer to the ear. Waveguides, diffusion control, quarter-wave, and Helmholtz resonators are all combined into a single compact structure.

Across all genres, AMTS presents high frequencies with a delightfully smooth, accurate, and detailed delivery. We’re not magicians, therefore lousy recordings are still horrible!

The all-new 4th generation planar-magnetic driver from Stealth creates the smoothest, richest, and most detailed experience possible. It’s 20% bigger than the E2 driver and features our patented v-Planar technology, which lowers THD and improves low-frequency extension.

“Detail” Is Redefined By Stealth

The planar driver in the Stealth produces very low distortion over the entire listening range, with levels of detail previously only found in top-of-the-line electrostatics. Unlike many headphones that rely on excessive high-frequency energy to create “detail,” Stealth’s AMTS delivers resolution without the exhausting concentration on the top register that some users are accustomed to.

Stealth’s 4th-generation driver and AMTS combine to create an incredible blend of delicacy, finesse and slam that will have you reaching for all of your favorite recordings and possibly staying up a little too late.

Then there’s the soundstage: Stealth is all-encompassing and can rival in depth, width, and imaging with even the best open headphones.

Stealth “disappears” thanks to that seamless feeling of space and instrument placement, allowing you to simply relax into your musical experience. Everything falls away, even the headphones, equipment, and yes, your daily anxieties.

Mechanical Design Innovations

Stealth takes design cues from stealth planes and is finished to the same high standards as the most opulent luxury cars.

The exquisite red stitching on the leather headband creates a quilted head-strap that is not only beautiful but also useful and comfy. Stealth’s all-black style is given a splash of color with the embroidered Stealth emblem.

You’ll find a “self-adjusting suspension system” that sits the headphone perfectly without trouble.

Comfort Level

With a more comfortable fit and softer ear pads, Stealth’s ergonomic and elegant ear cups are a natural extension of Aeon 2 ergonomics. Stealth is one of the lightest super-premium headphones on the market, weighing only 415g. There is an exquisite folding gimbal into Stealth for storage or travel, folding it into a small and easy-to-stow box.


  • AMTS is a patent-pending technology that provides unmatched high-frequency detail and clarity for the best in smoothness, tone, and detail retrieval.
  • The 4th generation v-Planar driver produces excellent dynamics and vanishingly low distortion for a natural and “easy” listening experience.
  • Its improved driver tensioning system ensures a high level of consistency across all units.
  • Stealth has an all-new auto-adjusting suspension strap that ensures a perfect fit every time.
  • For very comfortable extended listening, a pre-formed ergonomic strap distributes weight evenly over the skull.
  • Quilting on the straps increases comfort and prevents heat accumulation.
  • Its pads are made of composite synthetic suede and protein leather providing a secure fit with a little clamp and a nice skin feel.
  • Maximum stiffness with minimal weight thanks to a carbon/aluminum bonded cup construction.
  • Stealth may be packed into a small bag for safe and convenient transport thanks to the folding gimbals.

How To Buy Online?

You can buy Stealth Headphones by Dan Clark from JaguarAudio.Com. Order now and get free shipping worldwide. If you have any questions regarding the product, contact our experts at 844-462-8346 (844-GOAUDIO).

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