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Level 5 Speaker Wires By AntiCables
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Product Summary:
Speaker wire requires about 20 times more conductor cross-sectional area than interconnects, so AntiCables hesitated to roll out their excellent ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy metallurgy into speaker wires for years.... Click To Read More
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Burn-In Time 200 Hours
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Level 5 Speaker Wires By AntiCables


Speaker wire requires about 20 times more conductor cross-sectional area than interconnects, so AntiCables hesitated to roll out their excellent ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy metallurgy into speaker wires for years.


Product Description

Silver is hundreds, and Gold is thousands, of times more expensive than Copper; so to use it means making speaker wires that cost a few thousand dollars instead of a few hundred dollars. That simply did not fit the ANTICABLES philosophy. While the original copper-only AntiCable speaker wires are outstanding performers, the Level 5 offers the performance of high-end cables costing $10K and up. The results are excellent and the product is winning awards.


A 6-foot pair cost $2,100. Add or subtract $350 per foot.


  • ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal conductors
  • Heavy two #11 gauge build for each speaker
  • Made in USA (one pair at a time in Lake Elmo MN)
  • Every pair personally built by designer Paul Speltz
  • Cryo treated and burned in for 150 hours (Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery)


Additional Features:

  • Built from the same ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy metallurgy as our award-winning top-level interconnects
  • No thick plastic jacketing, which adds dielectric effect distortion and smears the audio signal
  • Capable of standing with or outperforming the best cables money can buy
  • Comes standard with our excellent sounding Solid Copper Spades which are .525″ wide and fit standard 1/4″ (6mm) and 5/16″ (8mm) Binding posts


Sound Improvements over Level 3 Speaker wires:

  • Instantly a significantly bigger soundstage
  • Improved pitch definition
  • Ability to easily delineate multiple voices
  • They allow you to hear not just the musical instruments, but also how they are being played
  • More resolution of textural and tactile information
  • Allows you to forget about the equipment and enjoy the music



  • Comes standard with our excellent-sounding Solid Copper Spades
  • Optional Banana BFA style Z-Plugs made of Gold Plated Beryllium Copper (not Brass), add $10/four


Jack Roberts: The Audio Beatnik
“Discovering the simplicity of this system and its total cost blew me away. I have heard and reviewed digital sources that cost more than this entire system. That would still be true if you added the phono preamp module to the LIO and a first class analog source to the system. You could also make these additions and keep the system price under $50,000.”

“So, it is a very easy call for me. This simple and great sounding system wins the Beatnik’s Bongo Award for the Best System Under $50,000. Don’t forget, as the room was set up, this incredible system was just a little over $25,000. Well done to all! “

Part Time Audiophile: John Stancavage’s LAAS 2017 coverage
“Speltz may not have designed those cables specifically for the Rossi and Spatial gear, but they sounded like they could have been.”

“Together, the components came together to create a rare musical alchemy. That’s something special that you need to hear yourself.”

Stereophile: Jana Wraps Up Her LAAS Coverage
“The sound… was widespread, transparent, and profoundly engaging—the perfect end to my Los Angeles Audio Show experience.”

Real Testimonials:

Donald Baker, NC
“I hope you are enjoying your vacation as much as these Level 5’s have made my day!”

“I am enthralled with the difference they have made in my system – unbelievable detail, spatial presence, balance and dynamics.”

“Wow…thank you for putting me back into pure listening mode. I had been toying with buying another DAC but these cables showed me that the real need was for these Level 5’s – HUGELY SATISFIED.”

“Again, you did a smoking great job on the Level 5’s…so glad that I took the opportunity to audition them. They are a serious game changer! Much thanks to you!”
George from Green Bay
“I wanted to thank you for offering these remarkable cables at an affordable price.”

“I had been using your Level 3 Speaker Wires for a couple of years and was very pleased with and accustomed to their very good sound. Upon installing the Level 5 cables I immediately smiled, noticing a level of transparency that I had never heard before. However, I learned that these cable do need a lot of break in time. Now, after another several hundred hours of use they are hardly the cables I initially installed. The sound stage opens up, deepens, widens, and voices and instruments are precisely located.”

“The entire sound stage is so much more dimensional. I can apparently now hear what I have been missing. There is a wealth of detail never heard before. For example, I can pick out separate voices in choral music. I suspect much of this is related to a much quieter background. Wow!”

“For me, maybe the most striking improvement is the musical timber or the change in tonal colors; now I can hear how each instrument is voiced or sounds. Before, like instruments seem to have had a very similar sound and now I can plainly hear how different each sounds.”

“The music frequency extremes are really extended. Voices remain crystal clear and I think as natural as you’re likely to hear them, but bass and treble extension are very easily discerned. I have never enjoyed such deep and mid bass weight or impact. You can feel some beats in your chest…awesome!”

“The higher frequencies are similarly extended, in a manner that I am coming to think are just natural. My wife sits by me often while I am listening and I would hear from her immediately if the sound was shrill or harsh, but she has never once complained of this.”

“I recognize that these cables are still expensive and it was a sacrifice for me, but I would never dream of returning them. The broad sound of my system seems dramatically improved. I cannot imagine getting better bang for your hard earned bucks.”

“Thank you!”

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