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Music Strada #211 Interconnects By Nanotec Systems
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The Nanotec Music Strada #211 interconnect uses the same gold and silver nano-particles and the new Japanese PC Triple C copper as the amazing Nanotec #309 power cable.... Click To Read More
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Music Strada #211 Interconnects By Nanotec Systems


The Nanotec Music Strada #211 interconnect uses the same gold and silver nano-particles and the new Japanese PC Triple C copper as the amazing Nanotec #309 power cable.


Product Description

Note: 25% discount on remaining stock. Use Discount Code “NANOTEC211” during checkout. Free shipping does not apply for orders shipped outside the US; we’ll send you an invoice for Intl Shipping.

– Stock of remaining interconnect pairs as of 2/21/2023:
1.8M G – Qty 4
1.0M R – Qty 5
1.8M R – Qty 4

Understand what you’re getting with Nanotec, and don’t be fooled by the cost of these cables… A very well know provider of audiophile cables builds a speaker and power cable with nanoparticles supplied by Nanotec Systems, from cable also manufactured at the Furukawa plant in Japan, using Continuous Crystal rather than PC Triple C copper, and premium connectors… they look beautiful but the cost is $4,000 for a 1.8M power cable and $7,000 for a 3.0M pair of speaker cables.

With the Nanotec #211 interconnects you can approach the performance of a $1k IC for a fraction of the price.

Note: Choose the connector plating for the sound and synergy you want. Gold RCA gives a warm full-bodied sound and Rhodium RCA will sound leaner, more neutral, and faster, or choose XLR.

Note: This price includes a pair of interconnect cables.

Note: Lengths of 1M or 1.8M are usually available from our stock. Lengths of 3M or longer are available from the factory as a special order. When ordering long custom lengths above 4M, be sure to check with your equipment manufacturer to ensure it’s compatible with your gear (the capacitance of the #207 is 0.297-nF/Meter). Special orders require an additional $60 charge (to cover the additional payment and shipping fees).


Here’s what said about the Music Strada #207, which is the prior generation of this cable, made with OFC copper conductors (read the full review at the link below):
“Nanotec Systems’ clever way of exploiting nano-particles and their relentless efforts to produce affordable high-quality cables seems the correct path forward instead. With the Music Strada #207 they offer a cable which very effectively rejects electro smog even over greater than normal lengths whilst its sonic influence is so evenly spread across the audio range that its presence isn’t noticeable as any signature or action.”

“Transient response and tonality are the common victims whenever a cable suffers group delay issues. Not so the #207.”

“Combined the Music Strada #207 line-level cables offer fantastic tonal balance, wonderful transparency and unfettered speed!”


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