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Silver APEX Phono Cable by Analysis Plus
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The Silver APEX contains the most advanced conductor geometry by Analysis Plus for a deep black background. The perfect pallette for your vinyl setup to build on.... Click To Read More
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Silver APEX Phono Cable by Analysis Plus


The Silver APEX contains the most advanced conductor geometry by Analysis Plus for a deep black background. The perfect pallette for your vinyl setup to build on.


Product Description

The Silver APEX Phono Cable has the Analysis Plus most advanced geometry, with a hollow oval cable, inside a hollow oval cable, and inside a hollow oval cable, for a double-shielded design for a noise floor so low you can hear your amp breathe. Constructed of pure silver over a stabilizing strand of oxygen-free copper, woven into the patented Analysis Plus hollow oval geometry. Hear the music you have been missing. Available with a straight or 90 degree DIN to RCAs or RCA to RCA connectors.



  • Longer cable lengths are available as a special order.
  • Jaguar matches sale/discount offers shown on the Analysis Plus website.
  • Jaguar is an authorized retailer for all Analysis Plus products.


Jaguar was introduced to Analysis Plus Cables by Jonathan Weiss of Oswalds Mill Audio. Jonathan, the consummate engineer, was no doubt attracted to the noise-canceling geometries of the woven conductors, and Analysis Plus are the only cables he uses when building some of the most advanced HiFi systems in the world. Individual strands of wire are woven into a mesh surrounding an oval-shaped insert running the length of the cable, providing the best noise-rejection orientation we’ve ever encountered. We first tried a pair of the Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 Speaker Cables (priced at less than $400/pair) in the Jaguar reference system and found they performed as well as many cables we’ve heard in the $5,000 range… that was all we needed to hear to know Analysis Plus should be added to the few cable brands in the Jaguar lineup.


The Sound Advocate
“Although the Apex Silvers are silver “coated”, oxygen–free cables, the sound attributes they present are without a doubt extremely revealing of musical detail, fine tonality, and first-rate musical dynamics unto themselves. With so many high-priced cables on the market, some audiophiles will find it difficult to justify their prices accordingly. However, in the case of Analysis Plus Silver Apex Cables, I can incontrovertibly say that these cables brought forth some considerable improvements when applied in context with the particular system components I used them with. You could spend much more on cables from some other manufacturers, but in my opinion, The Analysis Plus’s Silver Apexes provided a sumptuous sound quality and are definitely RECOMMENDED!
“The Analysis Plus Silver Apex is a top-flight phono cable, and while I would not call it inexpensive; when compared to the upper tier cables on the market it is certainly attractively priced. Obviously, there is less expensive options, yet in the analog world it is possible to drop a hefty stack of Benjamin’s on a tone arm cable. The Acos GST 801 is a classic Japanese high-performance arm that is built with internal silver wire, so it makes sense to partner it with a silver tone arm cable. All the attributes that make the Silver Apex a great cable for component pairings are even more important in the millivolt region that low output moving coils reside in….”


Length (meter): 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2.5
Connectors: DIN90 to RCA, DINST to RCA, RCA to RCA


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