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Ultimate XX AC Cable by Puritan Audio Laboratories
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Puritan's Ultimate XX power cables take their obsession with eliminating the vibration distortion transmitted to the very heart of every system component to its ultimate conclusion.... Click To Read More
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Ultimate XX AC Cable by Puritan Audio Laboratories


Puritan’s Ultimate XX power cables take their obsession with eliminating the vibration distortion transmitted to the very heart of every system component to its ultimate conclusion.


Product Description

Note: Puritan asks that its dealers do not list their products with the “Add to Cart” feature but please give us a quick call with your questions and get your order started.

Puritan’s Ultimate cable is so limp and floppy that it simply cannot carry vibrations. And yet it contains massive 41 Amp, ultra-high purity, grain optimized copper conductors, enclosed in a super soft custom formulated silicone dielectric to which three uniquely developed nanotechnology membranes have been sequentially applied to form a complex shielding and neutralizing barrier to the power lines, while a polycrystalline metallic barrier along the entire length of the earth conductor neutralizes ground line interference. All of which is contained within a complex arrangement of anti-vibration dampening layers.

The Ultimate is an absolute sonic triumph that totally redefines the contribution that power cables can make to ultimate fidelity.

Extraordinary to touch and hold but what lies beneath the incredible feel of these cables

Puritan Ultimate cables are as flexible and floppy as silk rope. A complex of soft fabric layers protects conductors avoiding vibration pick up and the whole assembly has such limpness that vibration distortion, a massive enemy of ultimate fidelity, is normally transmitted directly to the circuit board heart of every element of your system through the power cabling, is completely eliminated.

The individual power conductors on these cables feature massive 41 Amps rating 12 AWG extreme high purity copper cores insulated with specially formulated, ultra-soft silicone dielectric. Over these, three different highly flexible nanotechnology membranes are sequentially applied:

The first contains complex assemblies of carbon atoms formed into a variety of elaborate molecular formats, these structures intercept incoming airborne interference frequencies confusing, absorbing, and neutralism them, as they further seek out unwanted frequencies being transmitted through the power conductors themselves. The second layer is a magnetic barrier which enables a significantly more comprehensive and effective overall barrier to electromagnetic interference waves than the usual copper and mylar screens of other exotic cords. This magnetic barrier when combined with the third layer, a carbon-resistive absorptive screen, creates an EMI barrier that is totally unsurpassed in its comprehensive efficacy.

The ground conductor is treated along its entire length with a highly flexible and complex polycrystalline metallic layer that draws out and neutralizes interference frequencies present on the ground line.

The sum of all of these groundbreaking design and materials features is a power cable absolutely like no other in this world and one that will elevate your system’s performance to entirely new heights.

  • Longer lengths are available as a special order.


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