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Established in 2009, Innuos is a HiFi product manufacturer committed to enhancing users’ music-listening experiences through top-notch audiophile performance. Innuos products are the outcome of pioneer engineering and innovation. They unleash the true potential of digital music playback. The PULSE Streaming Network Player is one such product from the Pulse family of network streamers (which also includes the PulseMini and the Pulsar) that brings the unique Innuos experience to music lovers. This product suits enthusiasts who mostly play music from streaming services or want to create a different zone in their studio or home connected to their primary music server.

PULSE Streaming Network Player could be your best option if you are looking for a player that can wirelessly play a wide range of digital files without compromising the quality. Continue reading to learn more about this product and its different modes.

Product Overview

PULSE Streaming Network Player is the successor of Innuos’s ZEN Music Server series. It runs on the custom-built RECAP2 LPSU power supply engineered in partnership with Dr. Sean Jacobs. Every power supply unit of the RECAP2 family is made of high-quality components like the audio-grade toroidal transformer, medical-grade filtered IEC, Mundorf capacitors, etc. No wonder it is capable of streaming an organic and smoother sound. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite music on Innuos PULSE Network Player for hours without discomfort or fatigue.

Innuos Pulse Streamers

Different Modes

You Can Use This Network Player in The Following Two Modes:

  1. Standalone Mode: You can use the Innuos Sense app in this mode to play internet radio, streaming services, or music stored on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) to a multitude of audio systems. The network player becomes the epicenter of the audio system when you enable this mode.
  2. Endpoint Mode: This mode enables you to connect your network player to any music server. After that, the PULSE will become a zone on the respective music server app, and you will be able to use the same to browse and play your favorite music on the network player. Endpoint Mode helps users connect to diversified music servers ranging from Roon Core to HQ Player or Innuos Music Server to any Logitech Media Server-based server.

Key Features

The Key Features of The Innuos PULSE Network Player are as Follows:

  1. This device runs on the audio-grade toroidal transformer equipped with an epoxy-filled center that reduces the negative effect of vibration, magnetic screening, etc.
  2. It is equipped with more than 40000 uF of high-end Mundorf capacitors.
  3. The device runs on user-friendly software that allows users to create playlists from different streaming services, access their preferred features with a single touch from the home screen widgets, etc.
  4. Innuos PULSE Network Player users can search their favorite track on internet radio stations like Radio Paradise or streaming platforms.
  5. This network player is also configurable for smart mixes based on users’ preferred music.

Innuos PULSE streamers and servers run on precisely matched in-house developed software and bespoke hardware. Their compact design, effortless control, and handy features deliver brilliant sound performance. Innuos PULSE network player is no exception. Buy it now from and upgrade to the next level of sound quality.