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Talk to Jaguar Audio About Analysis Plus Cables with Noise-canceling Geometries

Talk to Jaguar Audio About Analysis Plus Cables with Noise-canceling Geometries

Analysis Plus is a globally popular company known for its high-class cables. The Analysis Plus product line includes a wide range of cables for hifi. AP models vary in their materials but all contain their brilliant geometric design. In this write-up, we are going to discuss some of the products manufactured by Analysis Plus. So, continue reading.

Analysis Plus Cables

Some Products by Analysis Plus-

Big Silver Oval Speaker Cables

These cables are fast and detailed. Recently modifications increased the conductors from a 12 gauge to a 9 gauge, ensuring better performance. It offers punch in the low end with outstanding mids and highs. The linearity and neutrality associated with silver is there but without a harsh edge. Big Silver Oval Speaker cable is made of pure silver over a stabilizing strand of oxygen-free copper and they are woven into the patented Analysis Plus hollow oval geometry, in an oval-coaxial configuration.

Black Mesh Oval 9 Speaker Cables

The Black Mesh Oval 9 is a budget 9-gauge speaker cable which can easily handle deep bass notes played at high volume. These cables are highly preferred for hip-hop, rock, metal, electronic, and other heavy music.

Silver Apex Interconnect Cables

The Silver Apex Interconnect cables are the most popular silver cable presented by Analysis plus. It comes with a double-shielded design with a lower noise floor to give you the best experience. This cable is made of pure silver over a stabilizing strand of oxygen-free copper, all woven into the patented Analysis Plus hollow oval geometry to maintain the high-frequency nuance of your source.

Gold Oval Micro Interconnect Cables

The Gold Oval Micro Interconnect cables reflect the most advanced design and the best performance of the Analysis Plus line. These cables have three 18 AWG conductors just like other Analysis Plus cables, however, Gold Oval Micro Interconnect cables come with a slightly new and improved design to ensure the optimum performance with a smaller diameter, quicker rise time, and excellent shielding. This cable is highly preferred for the best musical instruments. These are the company’s ultimate interconnect.

Gold Oval Speaker Cables

The Gold Oval Speaker Cables feature the Analysis Plus patented oval design, partnered with pure gold over oxygen-free copper to develop a Litz wire for the best outcome. This cable ensures 100% shielded coverage, a conductive sheath to eliminate microphonic movement noise and a proprietary FEP dielectric for the optimal impedance and natural sound. These are the company’s ultimate speaker cables.

Are you looking for the amazing cables by Analysis Plus online? Then, reach out to JaguarAudio.Com. JaguarAudio.Com is an authorized retailer for all Analysis Plus products. To learn more, give them a call at toll-free 844-462-8346 (844-GOAUDIO). Also, visit to have a look at all other products by Analysis Plus.

Analysis Plus Cables: What You Need To Know

Analysis Plus Cables: What You Need To Know

The cable quality plays a vital role in shaping the performance of audiophile gear. The qualities of audio cables has been discussed and argued by music lovers for many years and the topic is going to be debated for many years to come. Some audio cables and speaker wires are expensive and people see this investment as worthwhile, while others buy a better amplifier instead of buying high-cost audio cables. Let’s discuss audio cables and speaker wires, and everything you need to know about them.

How Speaker Cables Affect Sound?

Speaker cables are used to connect the amplifier to the loudspeaker system to enhance the sound or volume. These cables have three main properties; capacitance, inductance, and resistance. Resistance plays the most crucial role in creating the environment in which speaker wire operates. If the resistance rises, the performance of the audio system is negatively affected. Resistance brings the reduction in the drive current to the loudspeaker and the voltage across the cable increases for this reason. Wire resistance can also cause the source impedance to rise which affects the performance of the loudspeaker. Technically speaking, listeners start to notice the effects of the speaker cable if the resistance of the cable reaches about 5% of the speaker impedance.

Top-notch speaker cables such as Analysis Plus cables are nine-gauge cables perfect for audiophile systems and can deliver deep bass notes at high volume. The gauge of the speaker cable has a major effect in improving the sound quality of the audio system. Analysis Plus speaker cables also contain varying types of high quality conductor materials and can alter the resistance.

Analysis Plus cables

What Are The Conductor Materials For Speaker Cables:

  • Copper: It is one of the most used and dependable conductor materials for speaker cable conductors. Copper provides conductors with a low level of resistance. However, oxidization of copper can create a thin layer of coatings on the surface which can create a high resistance barrier.
  • Silver: This material can provide speaker cables with slightly lower resistance than copper but it also oxidizes. Furthermore, silver is expensive as compared to copper material.
  • Gold: Glod offers the lowest resistance and it also does not have any oxidization effect. However, the fact of the matter is Glod is very expensive and therefore it is not considered as a practical conductive material.

Bi-Wire & Single-Wire Speaker Cable:

Speaker cables mostly come in the form of single-wire speaker cables but a small percentages of speakers are designed for and Bi-wire cables. If the speaker and amplifier have two sets of connections Bi-wire speaker cables are used to connect bass frequencies and other frequencies with separate cable. If the speakers have only pair of connectors, a single-wire speaker cable connection can be used. Single speaker cables can provide you with a more musically coherent sound, however, it can be argued that bi-wire cables can create a more open sound stage and enhance the level of detail. Fortunately, most Analysis Plus models are offered in both bi-wire cables and single-wire speaker cable configuration to meet the needs for both types of speaker designs.

Bottom Line:

Finally, the speaker cable models offered by Analysis Plus are very high-quality and high-performance audio cables, and contain some of the most brilliant engineering design techniques found in any cables throughout the world, and is one of the best places to buy them. can provide you with the full line of Analysis Plus cables that can be used to build some of the most outstanding HiFi systems in the world. We offer a wide range of product lineup from Analysis Plus including 12 speaker cables, interconnect cables, phono cables, interconnect cables, and even instrument cables (by special order).