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Terrence & Michelle in Redmond

We’ve had records spinning almost non-stop on the turntable for the past few weeks. My wife has even started using it on her own. The Runwell is just flat out cool! We’re having so much fun re-discovering our vinyl collection.

David in Kentucky

Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed talking with you the other day and how pleased I am with the Corelli. What a fantastic piece of work! The system has never sounded as good as it does now. I’m sold! Probably get the phono box or a tuning stick or two, next.

Saul in New York

Been listening to these headphones almost every night and it’s like a new world to me. I can’t put them down for long. I’m really glad I went with these instead of the XXXX because I wasn’t sure they’d sound so good with tubes. A brilliant surprise.

Ralph in Los Angeles

I received the amp today and it is hooked up. And MAN!!!..This is darn impressive out the box. I shudder to think what it will sound like after a period of burn-in. What Bakoon has done with this small amp is remarkable. I now have a couple pieces that are search enders including this amp.