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Radu in Ontario

My order arrived last month and I built the speaker and power cables. I’ve burned them in for a few hundred hours and the first time I fired up an old album with Cat Steven’s… I was close to heart attack. I simply still cannot believe what I’m hearing! Thank you so much.

Gregory in New York

Jaugar you saved me a ton of time and aggravation setting up my computer audio for me and I really appreciate it. Last month I connected the DAC and started listening. It’s not fully broken in and the sound is evolving but I’m hearing flashes of brilliance. Tells me how amazing this thing is going to be. I’m pretty excited.

Frank in San Francisco

Now I know exactly what you meant by the musicality and palpable realness with Lamm. I had very high expectations, but WOW. The sound pulls you in like a magnet and holds you in a state of hypnosis.

Ted in Montreal

Thanks for your great service. I always felt like you are always quick to communicate and interested in my business. I appreciate how you shipped this one so fast. Keep it up and I’ll be back when I’m ready to focus on the turntable.