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Speaker isolation systems are designed to isolate the speakers from the ground or surface in order to prevent the transfer of unwanted vibrations or bass energy that can affect the sound quality of your speakers. Your speaker becomes a resonator that causes ringing and spearing of the frequency response. Speaker isolation systems improve sound clarity, quality, and openness by absorbing vibrations or energy from your speakers.

A speaker will always vibrate and the object it is in contact with will vibrate as well. This results in a loss of energy for your speakers and damages their musical performance. Speaker isolation products help you isolate your speakers from the floor to prevent this loss of energy. Read this blog carefully to know the most sophisticated and advanced speaker isolation system available in the market.

Townshend Audio

#1 Townshend Audio Presents Seismic Isolation Podium For Speakers:

The UK-based company Townshend Audio was founded in the year 1975 by the late Max Townshend, which is a leading company that produces HiFi Speaker & Subwoofer isolation products, a reference-level preamplifier, and the most renowned Supertweeters on the market today.

Seismic isolation podiums are designed to provide music lovers with a solution that enhances their musical experience. Seismic Isolation podiums are equipped with spring mechanisms that effectively absorb vibration and eliminate a significant amount of bass energy transfer to provide listeners with improved sound clarity and openness.

According to the research paper presented by Townshend, the problem with directly coupling a speaker to the floor with spikes is that as internal vibrations emanate from the speakers they produce a ringing (especially in the bass registers) that lingers within the speaker cabinet and smears the frequency response, whereas the seismic podiums decouple your speakers from the floor and this roaming energy is absorbed within the springs and converted to heat.

These Podiums are designed with the impressive build quality and can be placed in either direction. For different speakers, the system can provide you with flexibility for different platforms and can bring order to the soundstage.

Townshend’s Seismic Isolation podiums are high-end products and there are five standard sizes that can cater for speakers weighing up to 440 pounds (200 KG) and various sizes, which can be found on the Jaguar product page (Size 3, Capacity C is by far the most popular). These podiums can cater to any type of speaker including floor standers and sub-woofers. These Podiums are spring-loaded adjustable platforms that cut out vibrations to and from your speakers and are equipped with captive load cell technologies to provide users with a stable four-squire footprint.

Final Words:

Seismic Isolation Podiums provided by Townshend Audio are extremely precise and very effective high-performance products. The products are simple but innovative and have the ability to enhance your musical experience. If you are interested in buying them online, JaguarAudio.Com is the best place for that. We offer free shipping on every order. You can call on our toll-free number 844-462-8346 (844-GOAUDIO) for more details and you can also place your order in the Jaguar Online Store. For a better musical experience, buy a speaker isolation system.