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Level 3 Power Cable By AntiCables
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Product Summary:
The AntiCables Level 3 Power Cord is a jaw dropping triple 8 gauge "top-level" power cord. This cord is probably the best sounding affordable power cord on the market. ... Click To Read More
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Level 3 Power Cable By AntiCables


The AntiCables Level 3 Power Cord is a jaw dropping triple 8 gauge “top-level” power cord. This cord is probably the best sounding affordable power cord on the market.



Product Description

The Level 3 Power Cord is quite possibly the best sounding, affordable, power cord made. It provides huge dynamic impact, with maximum bass weight and authority, very open sound with full harmonic structure coming from a black background, and does so without causing any problems such as colorations. This is by far the most popular AntiCables power cord choice.

Where to use ANTICABLES Power Cords:

For the most cost-effective strategy, AntiCables recommends this priority list:

  • Source (CD player, DAC, and phono preamplifier)
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Preamplifier
  • Turntable Motor Supply

Design process:

The design process for AntiCables Power Cables involved first developing the best power cable conductor possible, which became the Level 3 Power Cord. Time was then spent researching ways to reduce the material and labor costs while maintaining an offering that could still stand on its own and outperform the competition at its price point.

Level 3 Highlights:

  • Oxygen-Free Copper wires with impurities reduced down to 5 parts per million
  • 24 square mm of Copper (cable’s total cross-sectional area) = three #8 AWG build
  • Integrated noise filtering technology
  • Proprietary Oxygen-Free Solid Copper plugs
  • Probably the best sounding affordable power cord made
  • Easy to bend into shape making them highly manageable
  • Made in USA (one at a time in Lake Elmo MN)


A Power Cord can Improve a Component’s Sound if it Can:

  • Provide an unrestricted source of power into the audio component
  • Restrict the amount of noise on the power mains from getting into the audio component
  • Provide a fast path for noise generated in the power supply to get out of the audio component

Each of the 24 individual wire strands used to hand-build an AntiCables Power Cable is drawn in a way that forms the wire into a cross-sectional molecular shape which allows noise coming from the component’s power supply to quickly escape the component on the skin of each wire strand. In doing so, the AntiCables Power Cables help to keep the component’s own power supply noise from contaminating the music. This processed wire also has the great advantage of time smearing any noise traveling in the wire in the opposite direction, thus reducing the amplitude of noise getting into the audio component from the wall outlet.


Sound Improvements Typically Heard Include:

  • Greater dynamics
  • Darker background
  • Sounds “more natural”
  • Greater bass extension
  • More tuneful bass
  • Greater high-frequency extension
  • Less high-frequency electronic signatures
  • Digital sources will sound much more analog-like
  • Much more resolving of music information
  • More relaxing
  • Deeper soundstage


Ron Brenay of New Record Day said:

“With the Level 3 Power Cords, the bottom of the barrel octaves seemed to hit a bit harder, and everything sounded more controlled.”

“…I was able to detect dynamics render with more clarity and precision.”

“…I threw the entire ANTICABLES loom into the mix (Level 2 speaker wires, Level 2.2 RCA ICs, and Level 3 Power cords), and got as close to what I would consider a full-blown Hi-Fi system that still offers serious value and does not cut any critical corners. I typically see Clayton (of Spatial Audio), paired with Red Dragon and ANTICABLES at the shows. And when I heard their room in Newport (T.H.E. Show), I had the feeling this was going to be the combo to beat.”

“…I pressed play and got the party started. I ended up with a holographic midrange and enough detail to bring excitement to any party.”

“…With the entire cable loom covering the whole rig, the ANTICABLES are no-nonsense, outside of the box way of thinking. Paul has a good thing going with his ANTICABLES and what impressed me most is we didn’t even climb all the way up his line-up to make all three systems sing to their full potential. Priced conservatively across the board, I can say with a straight face, that his cables offer true value. In one word, I think ANTICABLES offer clarity. I heard it in my very first New Record Day review, and I heard it all over again more than a year later.”

“…With the big rig rocking, everything about both the Sprout and Sphinx combos was bested in every possible category. All the nuts and bolts with the sound stage were tightened up. Dynamics dropped bigger bombs. The detail was even-handed and provided just enough sparkle to keep things interesting, without sounding thin or sterile.”

“…Texture and tone of cymbal hits were ballsy and robust and smashed their way through the mix the way they are supposed to. Electric guitars popped with bite & body. Fine line details lead to goosebumps and grins. Call it system synergy, call it what you want, bottom line… this is where the magic show turns to reality.”

See the full review HERE

A few Testimonials:

Don Banhart, Yreka CA
“I wanted to write you to let you know Paul, I removed the Level 3 power cables from my amplifiers (500w IcePower Monoblocks) and installed two very nice Cardas Clear Power cables…. well, the Cardas should be called “No Power Cables” because all that deep and meaty lower register grunt pooped out.”

“I would like to say, I had a group of people in my home to witness this, as my entire system is comprised of AntiCables. (These folks are NOT audiophiles), They began with, “what are all those strange ‘cords’ behind your stereo. After a little explaining, the question of “is it worth it?” came up. So then they all start in on me with a little teasing, about how my wires appear to be from outer space and so on. So I offer a demonstration.”

“I played a horn and drum-heavy offering from My B&W reference disc. They are all quite amazed. Comments such as “I can tell where they are standing!” “You can hear how big the drums are!” now I had them very interested.”

“Next I remove your Level 3 power cords and switch in a pair of Cardas Clear Power cables. Then, replayed the same track. Suddenly you would have thought we were hearing Zonk music from Lets Make a Deal…they all looked at each other in disbelief. A friend of mine looked at me and said “I never would have believed those ‘cords’ were for anything more than looks.”

“Your cables became the topic of the evening. People wanted to touch them, they wanted to understand them. And everyone commented on how much more attractive your AntiCables power cords were.”

“None of them could understand how a cable made the music sound so real!”

“Then I really blew their mind again, I connected one of your power cords into the back of my television…and threw in a bluRay… they all began to chatter about the COLOR, MY GOSH! And 3D references were being thrown around about my non-3D television. I spend my money on audio…not TVs.”

“So it seems this Power Cord is a jack of all trades and a master of drum. I turned a room full of skeptics into believers, except I had done nothing- It was all the work of your wonderful creations. Thank you Paul, You are now my go-to guy for all my IC and power needs.”

Richard Bennett, NY
“I just wanted to tell you of my experience with the Level 3 Power Cord that I purchased several months ago. I was expecting to hear a positive, yet subtle improvement in my system when I added it to my CD player. The results have been anything but subtle.”

“I initially noted that the bass was deeper and fuller and the background was quieter. Within a short period of time (a few hours of play), I noted that the midrange was warmer and that a veil of distortion (that I had never even known was there) had lifted. The dynamics were now greater and the music was much easier and more enjoyable to listen to. Everything was fantastic except for one thing. The high end seemed to be missing some of its excitement. Cymbals were now pushed far into the background and were barely noticeable.”

“I was about to contact you to ask how to remedy this, when I remembered that in the instructions, you suggested bypassing the power conditioner and plugging the cord directly into the wall outlet. So, I tried this. Wow! The cymbals were immediately back! My system sounded far better than it ever had, and this was on the very first day of using the Level 3 cord! It keeps sounding better and better.” “Like I said earlier, I was expecting a positive, but subtle improvement in sound. What I have experienced has truly been “system-changing”. I just can’t thank you enough for this amazing product. Sincerely,”

Prof Jan Leysen, Belgium
“I just received the Level 3 Power Cord and installed it in my system (integrated amp).”

“It is no exaggeration to say this moves the music (not only the sound) to another level. Such an openness, sparkling, details abound. You really get pulled into the music.”

“Impossible to skip to the next track.”


Normand Field, NC
“I just installed the Level 3 power cord two days ago and it fits perfectly. I didn’t think I would notice any difference in the sound but it does sound better than the Zu power cable. I can’t really identify what is better about the sound, but I feel like I’m more engaged emotionally.”

Jim Emerson, MD
“Please share with Paul that the Level 3 power cord definitely improves the sound of my system. Thank you for your help, I did receive the cable on Saturday. Best,”

Rob Priore, MA
“I want you to know that the power cords just bested both the Shunyata Venom HC and a PS Audio Lab cable. I literally just confirmed the test while typing this.”

“In fact, these cables were easily bested by the AntiCables power cords. The difference was that profound.”

“You may have to spend thousands even to match these.”

“I can’t wait to hear the USB cables.”

Thomas Nilssen, Norway
“I must start by thanking you for making such “affordable” goooood sounding wires. Feeling very lucky to have found your site after much searching for good not breaking the bank kind of wire.”

“In the few cables I got in the first shipment (Level 3 Speaker Wires, Level 4.1 XLR Interconnects, and Level 3 Power Cords), I hear a great potential for my system. It has never sounded better. It easily outperforms a newly sold cable loom retailing at 50,000$.”

“Making room for more wires… New orders coming soon. Best regards,”

Nick Porcella, NY
“So after 3 years with your original speaker cables, I visited your site and saw all the new products and decided to replace your original speaker wires with new ones as well as updating my power cables and amp interconnects.”

“The improvement is nearly unbelievable – right off the bat I had to turn my sub (that supports my Maggies) way down since the speakers had a whole new octave available. Like getting a whole new system. Honestly can’t describe all the improvements (and with no break-in period).”

“Keep up the great work, thanks again.”

KC Wong, Malaysia
“My initial impression was the sound stage created by the Magnepan speaker suddenly becomes much deeper and a little bit wider, with very good spacing and layering. With my favorite small Jazz assembly, this took some time to realize. But when listening to classical music, it became very obvious that your great Power Cord has done an incredible job to my humble system!”

“I’ve never been a big fan of classical music. Now I realized that it’s not because classical music is very boring to me. It’s my system that could not render the often more complex musical passage of classical music. Your Power Cord has totally changed my impression of classical music and makes me keen to explore more classical titles.”

“The fantastic result of your Level 3 Power Cord with my amplifier has encouraged me to try them on another component. With your power cord at the preamp, my CD player has never sounded better. Will it still can be benefited with your Power Cord?”

Answer: Yes, digital sources usually provide even greater sonic gains than amps and preamps.

“I’m also interested to try them on my Audio Research Reference 150 stereo amp but hesitate to do so as I’ve tried with other power cords with even poor result compare to the factory cord. A reviewer swears by the power cord from Sain Line System which ARC use for their product development but the price has stopped me.”

“To me, anything more than $500 for a piece of power cord were “unthinkable”

“Thanks for your truly value for money products,”

Miguel de Freitas, CA
“I replaced a motley collection of I-Cs and DIY speaker cables, some years ago, with your original I-Cs and speaker wires back when they were available at one level. They served me well and represented a real improvement in my enjoyment of music. Earlier this year, I started to upgrade the original spaghetti of your cables and the Discovery AC cables I’d been living with. On your recommendation, I bought two Level 3 AC cables. I run one from a dedicated wall outlet to a well-reviewed filter/surge protector. The other runs from the filter/surge protector to my DAC.”

“These two cables have happily improved my system and I will replace the cables that feed my transport and integrated amp for further improvement.”

“Level 3.2 digital I-C was my last cable upgrade and represented an amazing improvement. There is a place for a pair of Level 3.2 analog cables between my DAC and integrated amp. I look forward to the improvement I know they will bring.”

“I had bi-wired my speakers to the amp with your original speaker cables. The speaker manufacturer subsequently recommended a single wire configuration for a relatively short run. I did that with no apparent degradation of sound quality and sold the extra pair of cables to a fellow audiophile who was floored by what they added to his system. I then replaced the OEM jumper straps at the back of my monitors with a short set of your Level 2 Jumpers for sweeter highs and improved ambiance. I look forward to replacing my current pair of speaker cables with a pair of your Level 3 speaker wires.”

“I apologize for my long-winded spiel. Long story, short: I love what your products contribute to my enjoyment of music and I do share.”

Steven Dean, UT
“I ordered 5 more of your power cords (all Level 3), that is how much I believe in them. And I can’t wait to get them into my system. I am excited. You do a fantastic job!”

“Your’s are the best power cords I have come across because there are no negative aspects to them. You just hear the music as it’s supposed to be.”

“Thanks again for making a great product. I can’t wait to get them. Talk to you later.”

Mike Kletecka, CA
“Your Level 3 Power Cord has transformed my little Arcam Solo Mini – WOW!”

“Needing to downsize, and having owned some pretty decent equipment, such as VAC, Sonus Faber Guarneri’s, Audience cabling (to name a few), I got an Arcam Solo Mini and PSB Imagine B’s to suit my budget and small 2 bedroom apartment. As for the Arcam Solo Mini (it’s a very nice all in one unit, which gets the job done very effectively), However, I knew from the past how “power cables” can improve amps/CD’s.”

“Upon installing your Level 3 Power Cord to the little Arcam Solo Mini, I immediately heard a vast improvement, and as the hours tick by, it’s just getting better and better. In short, your Level 3 Power Cord has “transformed” the Arcam and lives up to what your marketing material states! In conclusion, my little Arcam Solo Mini with your Level 3 power cord has made me virtually forget/not miss my previous expensive systems (yea, it’s that good and that big of an improvement!!!).”

“I’m “MOST” impressed with the difference it’s made with little Arcam Solo Mini – WOW sums it up best.”

“Have a good day”

“Thanks for making such a great product!!!!”

Chris Whitney, CA
“Paul, What have you done? My level 3 power cord sounds so good I have to replace my other more expensive 99.99% silver-plated whatever. Time to dust the cobwebs out of my wallet. Best wishes,”

Giulio Marcocchi, Italy Dealer
“We received the cables yesterday and we put them on the sound bench. Digital Level 3.1 IC, the two power cable, and level two and three speaker cable against a set of wires costing well over 10,000 Euros.”

“Because they need burn-in, the AntiCables set sounds more forward and has a bit less body, other than that it’s more transparent, faster, more unrestrained.”

“AntiCables will be my choice as an audiophile period!!” 🙂

“Next week I will meet the first store for an audition, also I’m working for some reviews I’ll keep you posted on both.”

“Thank you!”

Vincent, Indonesia
“I purchased a 5′ and 7′ Level 3 Power cord from your dealer in Thailand.”

“I should say, I’m pretty amazed with its result.” “

I plug the 5′ into my JLAudio Fathom F113 and the 7′ into my Yamaha receiver.”

“Even before the break-in period, I already noticed several improvements. The high which has been missing appears. The mid-low and low intensify.”

“I replayed some movies I watched before, I can hear there are so many effects which were never there before, appears.”

“On several scenes, I feel like in the midst of thundering storms, heavy rains, and it’s a really full-throttle experience as well.”

“Lastly, it was the best investment I made because I have to travel from Indonesia to Thailand just to get them.”

“Thanks for the wonderful cables! Love it.”

Michael Lindsay, Belgium
“The 3 power cords ordered via Divine Audio (Level 3 w/Schuko plugs), are fitted and wow they are very special! Make dust of the Furutech Alpha 3. Will surely give thorough feedback after the 400 hrs are in! Many thanks and congratulations.”

John DeAngelis, IL
“I received the (Level 3) power cord and all I can say is WOW. This cord rocks, awesome craftsmanship, it just blew me away. Are you going to offer a 20 amp version with a C19 plug on it? If so put me on the list. Thanks again, I will be ordering more soon.”

Paul Lo, WA
“Just got the power Level 3 power cord. Like it immediately. Very likely to order more.”

Dan Cramer, MN
“Thank you for making me these great power cords and letting me hear all 3 new levels. I heard your early experiments with cords just over a year ago and have been waiting for your fully resolved cords since that time.”

“After listening again all of last evening, I’d like you to know the result is defiantly worth the wait. Listening to both LP’s and computer music I am very impressed with several significant improvements in what I’m hearing since we installed your “Level 3″ power cords. I am also intrigued how your three grades of cords build on lessons learned during your design process.”

“The “Level 1″ cord, powering my DAC, offered a very nice improvement in tonal correctness, it seemed to clarify harmony and really helped recorded piano sound more alive.”

“Your “Level 2″ cord further improved resolution and detail dramatically. The new details I was hearing in some very familiar recordings were amazing, Art Pepper’s sax truly sounds like a reed vibrating in the throat of a horn.”

“When we installed the “Level 3″ cord, I heard all of the improvements in tonal rightness and detail resolution. I also heard articulation of bass notes as never before in my system.”

“So last evening nothing has been putz’ed in twenty-four hours and everything is warm. I now have four of your “Level 3″ cords feeding my turntable, phono stage, DAC, and integrated 845 tube amp. Halfway through the evening, I was in audiophile heaven. The spatial cues were way better than I had ever heard in my system. The sound stage began in a line between my speakers and stretched into the backyard. Articulation of bass notes is wonderful, the air between musicians seemed clearer and I had lost none of the resolution and tonal improvements. I’ll like to have you over when they have broken in. Best Regards,”


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