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BAD Panel Acoustic Treatments By RPG Acoustic
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The BAD (Binary Amplitude Diffuser) Panel is a unique synergy of advanced acoustic technology and simplicity of design when performance is paramount.... Click To Read More
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BAD Panel Acoustic Treatments By RPG Acoustic

The BAD (Binary Amplitude Diffuser) Panel is a unique synergy of advanced acoustic technology and simplicity of design when performance is paramount.

Product Description

Utilizing an optimal binary pattern of perforations in a rigid template over a sound-absorbent core, the BAD Panel achieves an excellent balance of sound absorption across the NRC frequency bands while preserving the space’s ambiance by rolling off the absorption at 1000Hz. This unique hybrid technology eliminates excessive high-frequency absorption, transitions to a scattering surface in the very high frequencies, prevents lobing inherent in common perforated surfaces, and significantly improves mid and low-frequency absorption.




  • Cost-effective panel solution that achieves a balance between sound absorption and reflection
  • Available in custom sizes up to 4′ W x 10′ L and 1”,2”, 3” or 4” T.
  • Select from industry standard and custom fabrics, fabrics with proof of performance acoustical data preferred.
  • Hardened edge termination options include square, miter, radius and bevel.
  • Lightweight and easy to install with RPG’s Impalit™ clip.
  • All components Class A Fire Rated.


Wrapped with RPG reviewed industry standard and custom fabrics. Fabrics with acoustical performance data are preferred.

Product Material Composition

Fabric over rigid fiberglass board acoustical core

Product Acoustic Function


Product Fire Rating

All Class A Components

Weight PSF

1.15 (1″ Panel)


The BADTM Panels can be quickly and easily hung on any wall surface using RPG’s ImpalitTM clip. For ceiling applications, the panels can be either direct mounted with Z-bar attachments or suspended using a cloud anchor kit. Panels can also be configured to be installed in the standard 15/16″ HD T- grid supplied by others.

Data Sheet


Note: Jaguar is an authorized retailer for all RPG Acoustic products. RPG asks us to not list their prices on our website. This brand has a minimum order requirement of $5,000. Contact us at Jaguar with your inquiries.


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