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Big Silver Oval Speaker Cables by Analysis Plus
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The Big Silver Oval is the ideal speaker cable for the audiophile system where the budget doesn't quite reach up to the Silver Apex. It still delivers the magic, with a slightly lower level of nuance.... Click To Read More
Trial Period 45 Days
Countries Shipped USA
Burn-In Time 200 Hours
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Big Silver Oval Speaker Cables by Analysis Plus


The Big Silver Oval is the ideal speaker cable for the audiophile system where the budget doesn’t quite reach up to the Silver Apex. It still delivers the magic, with a slightly lower level of nuance.


Product Description

The Big Silver Oval was recently improved by going from a 12 gauge to a 9 gauge cable and even a more elongated oval geometry for better performance. This cable is very fast and detailed but without the harshness often associated with silver cables. It has punch in the low end with incredible mids and highs that music lovers really go for.

This cable is constructed of pure silver over a stabilizing strand of oxygen-free copper, woven into the patented Analysis Plus hollow oval geometry, in an oval-coaxial configuration.

  • Outer Dimensions: 17mm by 5mm
  • Banana or T1 Spade connectors are available



  • Prices shown are for a pair of speaker cables.
  • Longer cable lengths are available as a special order.
  • Trial periods do not apply to Bi-wire cables.
  • Jaguar matches sale/discount offers shown on the Analysis Plus website.
  • Jaguar is an authorized retailer for all Analysis Plus products.


Jaguar was introduced to Analysis Plus Cables by Jonathan Weiss of Oswalds Mill Audio. Jonathan, the consummate engineer, was no doubt attracted to the noise-canceling geometries of the woven conductors, and Analysis Plus are the only cables he uses when building some of the most advanced HiFi systems in the world. Individual strands of wire are woven into a mesh surrounding an oval-shaped insert running the length of the cable, providing the best noise-rejection orientation we’ve ever encountered. We first tried a pair of the Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 Speaker Cables (priced at less than $400/pair) in the Jaguar reference system and found they performed as well as many cables we’ve heard in the $5,000 range… that was all we needed to hear to know Analysis Plus should be added to the few cable brands in the Jaguar lineup.


“The new Big Silver Oval by Analysis Plus is easy to work with and, by virtue of being flat, can even be routed underneath carpets or throw rugs without leaving telltale ripples to trip over. It produces a weighty full-bodied sound with a modest increase of apparent resolution over the Oval 8 especially above the upper midrange. It’s an overall still forgiving cable and not the last word in ultra resolution, precisely why it would go over well in many solid-state systems that tend to err on the side of transients rather than subsequent bloom. Though I don’t personally own current-hungry cock suckers for speakers, it’s a well-known truism that increased conductor mass means higher current-carrying abilities. One thing you don’t want to do is strangle such speakers with wires that are challenged in that department. The Big Silver Oval would be a prime candidate not to. It does current without condemning you to cables the size of a weightlifter’s wrist.”
Audio Review
The Absolute Sound
“The Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval is the kind of wire that touches all the areas that matter to me. Sure, I’ve heard cables that will better the Big Silver Oval by tiny margins here and there, but I’ve never heard a better cable near this price. It handily exceeded my expectations. And in my book, that’s the biggest plus of all.”


Length (feet): 6, 8, 10, 12 (custom lengths are available)
Configuration: Big Silver Oval, Bi-Wire Big Silver Oval
Connectors: Banana, Spade


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