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DUO SD Floorstanding Loudspeakers By Avantgarde Acoustic
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Experience a bigger sound with the Avantgarde Duo SD. The Duo SD is a scaled-up version of the Uno, using larger horns and subwoofer.... Click To Read More
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DUO SD Floorstanding Loudspeakers By Avantgarde Acoustic


Experience a bigger sound with the Avantgarde Duo SD. The Duo SD is a scaled-up version of the Uno, using larger horns and subwoofer.


Product Description

The Avantgarde Duo SD model features an impressive 670 mm (26.4 in) spherical wave horn, delivering frequencies down to 170 Hz, while the integrated subwoofer extends this range to a deep 18 Hz. Everything in the Uno SD is scaled up for a bigger sound and deeper subterranean bass. Experience unparalleled horn performance with exceptional efficiency and an extensive transmission range. In the realm of spherical wave horns, size matters. Larger dimensions mean deeper lower bandwidths, drawing listeners into an immersive world of superior audio performance.

Discover the Evolution XM2 midrange driver, featuring a 170 mm chassis and a powerful Alnico magnet, engineered for expansive linear diaphragm excursion. Its innovative “soft mesh compound” diaphragm is built on a robust mesh framework, with microscopic openings sealed by a damping elastomer coating. This unique blend of rigid mesh and flexible lining creates a broadband absorption effect, effectively damping partial vibrations and minimizing unwanted resonances for superior audio clarity.

The DUO SD is equipped with the advanced XT3 tweeter, also found in Avantgarde’s flagship TRIO G3. Featuring a lightweight annular diaphragm, the XT3 extends the frequency range up to 28,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 107 dB. This results in exceptional clarity, precise focus, and a richer, more natural sound.

The subwoofer features the new high-performance XB12 driver in a bass-reflex configuration. Upgraded from the previous model, the voice coil size has been increased from 100 mm to an impressive 153 mm. This substantial 6-inch motor structure enhances power factor and handling capabilities, while significantly reducing thermal compression for superior performance. The G3-500 bass amplifier delivers 500 watts of power and features an advanced digital sound processor. Its new user interface enables easy sound customization to match individual preferences and ensures seamless integration into various room environments.

One speaker. Two versions.

Immerse yourself in the semi-active version, designed to seamlessly integrate with your external hi-fi amplifiers. With an impressive efficiency of 107dB/W/m and an impedance of 18 ohms, this speaker operates effortlessly and is ideal for low-power amplifiers. Enhance your audio journey with the perfect companion for the world’s finest high-end amplifiers.

The iTRON version seamlessly integrates amplifiers into the speaker, removing the need for external power amplifiers. Go directly into these amplifiers with an XLR interconnect cable from your phono or digital source.

Driver technology

Over five years of meticulous refinement, experimentation, enhancement, precise measurement, and extensive listening have gone into perfecting the new G3 Evolution driver series. In the Evolution series, the horn and driver seamlessly blend into a harmonious unit of unparalleled quality.


  • 200mm tweeter horn
  • Lower cut-off frequency with substantially increased acoustic power
  • Smaller and lighter membrane
  • Linear phase response less than 50 degrees (4,000 – 20,000 Hz)
  • 28,000 vibrations per second


  • 670mm spherical wave horn
  • Compression ratio trending toward zero
  • Large linear stroke
  • Impedance of 17 Ohm
  • Spheric -Dome diaphragm with AirGate air filter technology
  • 107dB sound pressure

The perfect crossover.

Featuring the innovative SphericLowCut filter, Airgate technology, and PolarizationPlus circuit, the passive crossover sets new standards in audio engineering. Crafted with the highest quality components, including the meticulously handcrafted NatureCap capacitor from Germany. Unlike conventional designs, the NatureCap utilizes precisely rolled aluminum foil electrodes and a cellulose fiber compound impregnated with biological oils for superior performance. This capacitor, approximately 25 times larger than those in the XD series, is securely mounted to the circuit board using specially designed brackets.

XB12 bass driver

An entirely new drive system was engineered for the Duo SD. Compared to its predecessor, the voice coil has been expanded from 100mm to 153mm, boasting a massive 6-inch motor structure that achieves exceptional power factor and handling capabilities while minimizing power compression. This motor structure features two premium-grade magnets, magnetized in Europe’s largest 200,000-volt facility. With a 1.15 Tesla flux density, the force of the permanent magnet is transmitted to a voice coil circumference of 480mm, marking a remarkable increase of over 50% from the previous model. Crafted from low-carbon steel, the pole plates designed for the XB12 ensure high linearity even at maximum diaphragm excursion. The centering mechanism boasts a patented dynamic profile with a progressive surround design made of low-loss NBR (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber), ensuring rapid and precise transient response. The diaphragm is composed of a composite material combining long-fiber paper and carbon fiber, offering exceptional strength and torsional stiffness for accurate pistonic excursion during transient and decay events. The XB12’s new SingleFrame chassis features robust die-cast aluminum cantilevers that envelop the magnet, creating a stable composite of materials around the motor structure’s moving components. Representing an Avantgarde bass reference, the XB12 exemplifies the uncompromising excellence of the G3 series.

Bass amplifier

The active subwoofer of the DUO SD is powered by the G3-500 power module, featuring an integrated 500-watt amplifier that ensures ample headroom, even with complex EQ settings. Direct connection to integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, or receivers is facilitated through speaker-level input terminals. Additionally, line-level inputs are available via XLR terminals. The signal tap is not only high-impedance but also balanced and transformer-coupled, maintaining a floating circuit ground to prevent hum loops and simplify connection to balanced and bridged amplifier designs. All electronics are protected by a cutting-edge E-Fuse circuit, offering faster and safer protection compared to conventional fuses, while also optimizing sound quality.

Digital crossover.

The bass power amplifier showcases an advanced digital sound processor, providing unparalleled precision and bit accuracy surpassing analog technology. Avantgarde Control Software enables the programming of additional settings like high and low pass filters, equalizers, and more. This newly redesigned user interface ensures intuitive operation, enabling effortless adjustment of parameters to accommodate room acoustics or personal listening preferences. Perfect for enhancing your listening pleasure, it’s a must-have for any music lover looking to optimize their sound.

Unlock the power of precise audio customization with this cutting-edge 8-band equalizer housed within the DSP. Tailor your bass response to perfection, whether you’re fine-tuning for different music genres or optimizing for your unique room acoustics. Experience unparalleled control over your sound, elevating your listening experience to new heights.



  • Frequency range satellite: 170-28.000 Hz
  • Frequency range subwoofer: 18-350 Hz
  • Load capacity: 100 Watt
  • Efficiency: (1Watt/1m) > 107 dB
  • Crossover frequencies: 170/3.500 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 18 Ohm
  • Recommended amplifier power: > 10 Watt
  • Recommended room size: > 20 qm
  • Coplanar driver alignment: Yes
  • OmegaDrive: Yes
  • AirGate: Yes
  • NatureCap incl. PolarizationPlus circuitry: Yes


  • Horn type Spherical: horn
  • Horn opening angle: 180 degree180 Grad
  • Horn diameter midrange: 670 mm
  • Horn diameter tweeter range: 200 mm


  • Diameter midrange: 170 mm / 7 inch
  • Diameter tweeter range: 25 mm / 1 inch


  • Treiber Größe: 300 mm / 12 inch
  • Driver quantity: 1 x XB12
  • Voice coil diameter: 153 mm
  • Flux density: 1.15 Tesla / 480 mm
  • Pole plate: low-carbon steel
  • Membrane material: Paper/carbon fiber compound


  • Output power (RMS): 1 x 500 watt
  • Digital crossover: DSP
  • Equalizer: 8 Tape
  • Digital room adjustment: Yes
  • Inputs: 1 x SPKR + 1 x XLR


  • High-Performance Multi-Contact Connector: Yes
  • Partially active design: Yes
  • Fully active version with ITRON amplifier: Yes


  • ITRON voltage/current converter technology: patent pend.
  • Fully balanced circuit: Yes
  • Single stroke circuit: Yes
  • Zero feedback: Yes
  • Without negative feedback: Yes
  • Power: 2 x 100 watt


  • Dimensions width: 670 mm
  • Dimensions depth: 652 mm
  • Dimensions: (+/- 10 mm) 1.552 mm
  • Weight: 94.0 kg

Download DUO SD Manual


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