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Aurora By iFi Audio
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iFi designer, Julien Haziza, drew inspiration from Japanese industrial designers and architecture – in his concept for the iFi Aurora. This all-in-one stereo and speakers combo makes a beautiful focal point in your home, with amazing iFi sound!... Click To Read More
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Aurora By iFi Audio


iFi designer, Julien Haziza, drew inspiration from Japanese industrial designers and architecture – in his concept for the iFi Aurora. This all-in-one stereo and speakers combo makes a beautiful focal point in your home, with amazing iFi sound!

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Product Description

French design.
Japanese inspiration.

Clad in bamboo and elevated by a distinctive aluminium frame, the Aurora’s design is striking. It mimics the grand scale of Japanese architecture – crisp, clean lines intertwined with a hint of vintage. Very fitting for the tour de force that is the Aurora.

Music amplified by emotion

Aurora is driven by PureEmotion®, an ingenious fusion of amp technologies – brand new and original to iFi.

It delivers a sound that combines the purity of tone with a high level of engagement, speed, and dynamic gusto, ensuring the emotive quality of music is delivered in full effect – which is why it’s called PureEmotion®.

Analogue. Authentic.

Many audio products use digital signal processing (DSP) to deliver a big, spacious sound from a single box. This is an artificial, lossy process that detracts from the sound quality.

The clever technologies in the Aurora (and all iFI products), avoid this completely as they operate in the analog domain.

SoundSpace® delivers a room-filling sound and gives the music a sense of scale and space you wouldn’t expect from an all-in-one system.

TrueBass® delivers genuine bass with depth and definition. Everything from timpani to a bass guitar is conveyed with power and poise.

No space too big or small

With Auto Room Tailoring (ART)®, the Aurora can auto-configure the speaker array according to its position in the room.

The effect is similar to the adjustments made by a sound engineer at a live venue.

And what makes ART® special is that it’s executed in the analog domain. Forget tinny and imagine deep, voluminous sound that captivates you.


Aided by ART®, the Aurora adapts to the way you want to use it. Place it under a TV, connect via Bluetooth® or optical cable, and use it as a stylish soundbar. And stream your favorite music.

Link several Auroras via Wi-Fi to create a multi-room system, playing in-sync or individually. Whether you stream from Spotify or Tidal, or surf the infinite number of internet radio stations via TuneIn, the Aurora has your music needs covered.

Barnstorming Bluetooth

Aurora uses Bluetooth5.0® — the very latest version with the newest Qualcomm 5100 series chipset. There’s also the super-smooth ESS Sabre DAC chip.

All current and future Bluetooth® audio formats are supported including aptX and aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX Adaptive, LDAC, and HWA/LHDC, hi-res Bluetooth® codecs created by Sony and Huawei respectively. Also, Apple’s favored format, AAC.

Every codec is covered at the highest resolution Bluetooth® specification.


In addition to wireless connectivity, there’s plenty of cable inputs — optical, coaxial, USB and Ethernet inputs cater to digital sources, while a 3.5mm socket provides an Alexa/analog input. There is even a slot for audio stored on micro SDHC cards.

Aurora, with its awe-inspiring sound sustainable bamboo design, is a truly stunning addition to any home.

Once you’ve heard it, we’re sure you will agree – She’s Electric.

PureEmotion® is iFi’s proprietary amp technology. It is a hybrid circuit design that comprises several key stages.

The first of these – the preamp stage – incorporates a Russian 6N3P valve (visible through a window next to the OLED display). This takes the analog audio signal delivered by the Aurora’s DAC circuitry – based around a chip from ESS Technology’s renowned 32-bit Sabre DAC family – and adds gain in preparation for further amplification, imbuing the sound with pure tonality, open imaging, and natural fluidity.

If tech moves you as much as music, click here for the deeper, emotional details.

The Russian 6N3P is from the 2C51 premium tube/valve family. Each half of the tube is used as the pre-amplifier stage for the left & right channels. The 6N3P brings the beauty, life-like sound of tubes into play – unusual for a one-box music system.

If tubes are your thing, click here for a short history.

Soundspace® – the drive unit array with a proprietary matrix, adjusts the level of output from specific drivers at certain frequencies. It gives the Aurora an immersive, room-filling performance, enabling the soundstage to extend beyond the single cabinet. Music has a sense of scale and space you simply wouldn’t expect from an all-in-one music system.

Discover more.

TrueBass® – the depth and quality of bass supplied by all-in-one lifestyle systems often leaves a lot to be desired. The TrueBass® system, incorporating the two downward-firing 8′ bass radiators, delivers genuine bass with realistic depth and definition. Dual-level depth control means you can adjust the bass response according to taste – down to a deeply impressive 27Hz.

Everything from timpani to a bass guitar, to an electronic bassline, is conveyed with power and poise.

It’s all about the bass.

ART (Automatic Room Tailoring) is a ‘room correction’ system developed entirely in-house. At the press of a button, six sensors measure the distance to the surrounding walls using ultrasonic sound. Then, a 32-bit ARM Cortex microprocessor adjusts the output from the speaker array to precisely tailor the musical performance.

All the adjustments are made strictly in the analog domain, without relying on DSP or feedback in the manner of many other room correction systems. The result is stunning realism ‘live’ as if you were at the concert.

Read more here.

With LINKPLAY™ WiFi/network playback, built-in Spotify and Tidal, and wide protocol support for 32-Bit/192kHz Aurora can be also used without a computer to stream audio directly.
The iFi Bluetooth® implementation does not use a standard SOC (System On a Chip) as seen elsewhere. It uses a combination of quality elements to extract the most from each stage. The Qualcomm chip routes the raw, digital Bluetooth® signal to a specialized Sabre DAC chip to convert the signal from digital to analog – any jitter is eliminated using our GMT Femto-precision clock system to deliver Bluetooth® that is a cut above.
Discrete ESS Sabre Hyperstream DAC chipset with time-domain jitter eliminator, discrete oscillator, and 112dB dynamic range for discerning listeners.
AMR’s Global Master Timing (GMT)/ Memory Buffer System represents a total ‘out of the box’ systematic digital solution that solves the digital SPDIF jitter once and for all.


iFi Aurora Review | Love At First Sight?!?!

iFi Audio Aurora network music system
“…the Aurora not only manages to play ‘big’ but to do so with serious sonic refinement”

iFi Aurora Review: This Modern Art Piece Is Also A Killer Wireless Audio System
“Frankly, I’ve never heard music sound this good coming out of an all-in-one system. Neither have I heard such authoritative bass coming out of one.”


“Aurora belongs into today’s home or office.”

“the audio purist meets fashion-conscious mid-century/modern lifestyle”


iFi Audio Aurora Wireless Music System
“The Aurora could play really loud without strain or distress. And its bass was really impressive.”

“(Aurora) is a work of modern industrial art.”

“Sonically, the Aurora did not disappoint — quite the contrary. It didn’t only meet the lofty expectations I’d formed during its launch at Munich’s whiteBOX, it exceeded them.”

“Indeed, the Aurora is one of the best-sounding tabletop music players I’ve heard.”



Hi-Res Bluetooth audio with aptxHD/aptX/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)/AAC

Networked Audio with playback from NAS or server, Airplay, streaming audio (Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music/Tidal hifi/Deezer etc.) and USB storage /SD Card 44.1kHz/16Bit – 192kHz/32Bit

Coaxial and optical S/P-DIF (Blu-ray Player, Games Console, smart TV etc) 44.1kHz/16Bit – 192kHz/24Bit

RCA & 3.5mm (for Alexa or analogue audio)

Speaker System

4 x 4.5” (120mm) coated paper cone wideband driver
2 x 1.1” (28mm) silk dome tweeter (8 kHz crossover)
2 x 4.5” x 8” (120mm x 200mm) steel passive radiators
Frequency Response: 27Hz – 40kHz
Maximum SPL: 115dB / 1m


Hybrid with tube class A amplification. Power buffers operating at 1.411MHz/1.536MHz clock-locked.
Frequency Response: 15Hz to 150kHz
Maximum Power: 320VA (12v input for Marine/Car power supplies)
Distortion: < 0.05%


59cm(w) x 27cm(h) x 28cm(d) — 15Kg
24″(w) x 11″(h) x 11″(d) — 33lb

69cm(w) x 50cm(h) x 40cm(d) — 20Kg
28″(w) x 20″(h) x 16″(d) – 44lb

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