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Mytek Digital’s New DAC, Mytek Brooklyn is Here to WOW Audiophiles

Check out our new product video for the Mytek Brooklyn, Jaguar’s hottest product of 2016 and 2017.  The Brooklyn is a DAC, Preamp, Headphone Amp, Phono Preamp and MQA Converter.  We’ve used it for 6 months in the Jaguar Reference System and were amazed how this little box can drop into a $150K system without standing out like a weak link.

The Mytek Brooklyn was one of the first DACs with MQA decoding capability and is also the first DAC we’ve seen with a phono preamp section.  The sonic performance of today’s solid state electronics is so incredible that with a few chips you can now achieve the same results you used to get from a $2K phono preamp (the phono is an analog circuit, not digital).  When you evaluate the Brooklyn you understand the value of having Mytek’s world-class engineer, Michal Jurewicsz, design the product.

The Brooklyn has more feature capability than any other component we’ve ever encountered…in a 2-channel stereo setup, just add a power amp and speakers and for HeadFi you only need headphones.  The sonic presentation is balanced and extremely revealing.  Having used the Mytek Manhattan I in the Jaguar Reference System for about a year, we find the Brooklyn achieves 90% of the detail retrieval, but is much easier to drop into any system without adjusting the voicing.

Click the video below to hear how music recorded directly from the Brooklyn sounds.  When a component sounds this good on your computer, you know it’s going to sound amazing in your system.  For more info, click the Jaguar Online Store link below, to see the reviews and awards the Brooklyn has won.


Note: Watch in Full-Screen, 1080HD mode, for the best viewing experience.

Vanatoo Comes to Mexico

In the fall of 2015, built a sound system in the music room at Door of Faith (Baja, Mexico). Our friends at Vanatoo donated a pair of their amazing Transparent One powered speakers.  This was part of a month-long project, where we also filmed our short film, A Day at Door of Faith.

The fact that these little speakers can fill a room of this size (25′ x 30′) with sound and solid bass is a testament to their design, which includes passive radiator membranes in the rear, thus increasing the bass range surface area.  Normally we’d place these speakers on stands, but this room is used for everything from choir practice to dental exams and with dozens of little kids running around having speakers and cables on the floor just wouldn’t work.  The solution was a pair of great ceiling mounts we found on, for $50.  Drilling through the cabinets, without damaging the sensitive electronics in the right speaker was tricky, but it turned out great.

Note: Watch in Full-Screen, 1080HD mode, for the best viewing experience.

A New Power Conditioner! — Akiko Audio Corelli

Akiko has just released a new Power Conditioner, called the Corelli (named for the Italian composer and violinist).  The Corelli is passive filtering device…it eliminates noise from your power.  Many audio products, including very expensive ones, are good at killing noise, but the trick is not to also kill the dynamics and treble extension in your sound.  If you ever try a power conditioner that uses balanced power technology, notice how black the background is, but also how the music becomes grounded and lacking in air and spaciousness.

Note: The unit is similar to the Shunyata Typhon, in that it’s not a power distributor (it has no outlets), it plugs directly into your mains outlet or an outlet of your power distribution device.

The Corelli is available with a 30-day trial period in the Jaguar Online Store.

Akiko Power ConditionerAkiko Power Conditioner Akiko Power Conditioner







Free Download! The Real-Time Audio Operating System.

Note 10/23/2017: This OS was built in 2013, so drivers for some newer motherboard components (such as Ethernet) may not be compatible.  We recommend you check out Daphile.


Note (June 9, 2014) – an updated version has been uploaded.  The RTOS now includes CD ripping software, a Mytek USB driver and an updated M2Tech driver.

This project is a Real-Time operating system for audio, designed just for playing computer music files, with a mouse and computer screen or TV (no other frills).  I’ll eventually make it available to a wide audience, but for now I want to get it out for a few of you to try it.

This operating system uses a real-time Linux kernel. The goal of realtime is to give audio processes priority, to prevent interruption by non-audio processes (those that aren’t system critical). In studio production environments these interruptions can result in latency, which is a problem for recording. We’re not concerned with latency, but we can do without audio processes being interrupted. The theory is that these interruptions could disrupt the precision of the clock timing and result in jitter. Of course there are other factors that affect your sound quality, particularly your player’s driver. However, there’s no question realtime operation is different; a little Nu-Force headphone amp requires a latency setting of 17.4ns to remain stable with a generic kernel and can go as low as 8.6ns with the realtime kernel.

Here’s a pic of the player and music server interface.Rhythmbox - Jack

DAC USB compatibility can be an issue for Linux, because DAC manufacturers who develop proprietary USB drivers usually develop only for Windows and Mac. However, if your DAC doesn’t require special driver installation you can connect with USB. If you use a SPDIF connection to a soundcard that should work too (most soundcards support Linux). A Linux driver for M2Tech products is also installed, though I don’t have an M2Tech unit on hand to test.

The OS is easy to run without installation, just burn a Live DVD or create a bootable thumb drive.

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