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SourcePoint 8 Monitor Speakers By MoFi Electronics
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Introducing the SourcePoint 8 Speaker, a compact marvel crafted by Andrew Jones in collaboration with MoFi Electronics. Delivering unparalleled sound quality and versatility, complemented by optimized speaker stands for exceptional performance.... Click To Read More
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SourcePoint 8 Monitor Speakers By MoFi Electronics


Introducing the SourcePoint 8 Speaker, a compact marvel crafted by Andrew Jones in collaboration with MoFi Electronics. Delivering unparalleled sound quality and versatility, complemented by optimized speaker stands for exceptional performance.


Product Description

Introducing the SourcePoint 8 Speaker, born from the genius of acclaimed designer Andrew Jones. Inspired by the success of the SourcePoint 10, this compact marvel delivers the same unparalleled sound quality in a smaller package.

Crafted by Andrew Jones in collaboration with MoFi Electronics, the SourcePoint 8 is tailored to fit a variety of spaces without compromising on audio excellence.

Elevate your listening experience with the SourcePoint 8 Speaker Stands. Engineered with a sturdy three-pole design, these stands optimize the positioning of your speakers for exceptional sound. Complete with spikes, spike plates, neoprene, and felt pads, each pair ensures stability and adaptability for seamless integration into your setup.

The 8-inch Concentric Driver.

Featuring an expertly crafted eight-inch concentric driver paired with a 1.25-inch soft-dome tweeter, this speaker boasts a sophisticated point-source system for unparalleled control, balanced tones, and precise imaging. The woofer cone cleverly serves as a waveguide, enhancing tweeter efficiency and aligning directivities for optimum performance.

Indulge in your favorite acoustic melodies or crank up the volume with electrifying tracks – the SourcePoint 8 ensures an immersive experience that resonates deep within. Its exceptional clarity, detail, and cleanliness breathe new life into your music collection, while its robustness, dynamism, and expansive range rival that of larger speakers.

Twin-Drive High-Flux Magnet System

Experience unparalleled performance with the SourcePoint 8, featuring an innovative Twin-Drive high-flux neodymium magnet system. Not content with merely optimizing frequency response, our engineers at MoFi have prioritized reducing distortion within the drive unit’s motor structure. This meticulous design ensures minimal additional frequencies beyond the original signal.

The Twin-Drive system generates a fully symmetrical magnetic field, resulting in remarkably low intermodulation distortion (IMD) and delivering a pristine, accurate sound.

The SourcePoint series epitomizes cutting-edge design and engineering prowess. Offering the same sonic excellence as its larger counterpart, the SourcePoint 8 presents a versatile and manageable solution that will captivate audiophiles of all tastes. With its exceptional performance, sleek design, and superior engineering, it’s a must-have addition to any discerning music enthusiast’s listening space.

Multi-faceted Baffle

At the heart of every speaker lies its front baffle, the critical juncture where sound begins its journey. To ensure optimal performance, strength and sound transparency are paramount. Enter the SourcePoint 8, featuring a meticulously crafted sculpted baffle with multiple facets designed to eliminate diffraction. With this innovative approach, you’ll experience the pure, seamless response of the driver, free from any interference from the cabinet itself.

Easy To Use Magnetic Grills

Transforming your SourcePoint speakers for discreet, casual listening is effortless and swift. Our fabric-wrapped grills, which attach magnetically, seamlessly conform to the distinguished multi-faceted baffle, preserving its sleek profile. For optimal performance, we recommend removing the grills during your listening sessions, ensuring an unrivaled audio experience.

Three Fantastic Finishes

Elevate your aesthetic with the SourcePoint 8, offering a range of luxurious finishes to suit your style. Opt for the warm allure of Satin Walnut, the sleek professionalism of Satin Black Ash, or the fresh, contemporary appeal of Satin White Ash – an exclusive addition to the SourcePoint 8 lineup.

Crafted with furniture-grade real wood veneer, each finish is meticulously book matched to ensure symmetrical grain patterns across both speakers. The SourcePoint 8 seamlessly blends modern flair with timeless elegance, making it a versatile choice that complements a diverse array of interior designs.


“The SourcePoint 8s are balanced, wide-range speakers, enjoyable at all practical volume levels. They generate a fairly wide and deep soundstage that is notably transparent and detailed. They are engaging and nonfatiguing, and they encourage long, enjoyable listening sessions. The SourcePoint 8s demonstrate how satisfying a small, relatively affordable loudspeaker can be. ”


HiFi News
“the SourcePoint 8 packs a surprising punch for a modest box that’s suited to both small and medium-sized rooms. Pair these stylish, technically innovative speakers with a capable amp, and you’ll be served a listen that captivates with its immediacy. Thanks to its great coherence and pacing, you won’t be able to stop dancing – in spirit, at least! “


“Whether you will find the SourcePoint 8 loudspeaker equally delectable depends on the environment you place it in. Combined with a good subwoofer”



  • Frequency Range: 47Hz-30kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms, 6.4 Ohms minimum
  • Sensitivity: 87dB/2.83V/1m
  • Crossover Frequency: 1.6kHz
  • Max Power Input: 150W
  • Tweeter: 1.25″ wide roll soft dome
  • Woofer: 8″ Paper-pulp Cone
  • System Configuration: 2-way vented box, concentric driver
  • Cabinet Finish: Black Ash, Walnut, Satin White
  • Binding Posts: 5-way
  • Dimensions With Grill: 11.4″ x 18″ x 13.2″
  • Dimensions Without Grill: 11.4″ x 18″ x 12.6″
  • Weight: 27.9lbs
  • Stand Height: 22”
  • Top Plate Dimensions: 10” x 10” x 0.08”
  • Base Plate Dimensions: 12.99” x 12.52” x 0.24”

Download SourcePoint 8 Manual


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